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yeoman (n.) 1man who owns property but is not a gentleman; land-holding farmer
yeoman (n.) 2keeper of the wardrobe
yeoman (n.) 3[term of abuse] commoner, plebeian
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1H4 IV.ii.15 [Falstaff alone] I press me none but good householders, yeomen's sons
2H4 II.i.3 [Hostess to Fang] Where's your yeoman? Is't a lusty yeoman?
H5 III.i.25 [King Henry to all] you, good yeomen, ... show us here / The mettle of your pasture
3H6 I.iv.123 [York to Queen, of her father] not so wealthy as an English yeoman
KL [Fool to Lear] tell me whether a madman be a gentleman or a yeoman