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yield (v.) 1agree [to], consent [to], comply [with]
yield (v.) 2concede, acknowledge, grant
yield (v.) 3give, grant, return
yield (v.) 4give back to, return to
yield (v.) 5bring forth, produce
yield (v.) 6hand over, give up, deliver
yield (v.) 7reward, repay, thank
yield (v.) 8communicate, deliver, represent
yield (v.) 9express an opinion about, comment on
yield (v.) 10render, make, cause to be
yield (v.) 11 
yield the ghost (v.)  give up the spirit, die
yield up (v.)  give up, surrender, relinquish
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Ham IV.v.11 [Gentleman to Gertrude, of Ophelia's words] as her winks and nods and gestures yield them
Tem II.i.235 [Sebastian to Antonio, of the matter being thought about] a birth ... / Which throes thee much to yield [or: produce]
TN III.ii.3 [Fabian to Sir Andrew, of his reason for leaving] You must needs yield your reason