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yoke (n.) 1servitude, state of subjection
yoke (n.) 2pair, couple, brace
yoke (n.) 3horn, antler
yoke (v.) 1associate, link, join, couple
yoke (v.) 2conquer, tame, bring under subjection
yoke (v.) 3submit, subject
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Cor III.i.57 [Sicinius to Coriolanus] never be so noble as a consul, / Nor yoke with him for tribune
Cym IV.ii.19 [Arviragus to all] I yoke me / In my good brother's fault
Cym IV.ii.51 [Arviragus to Belarius and Guiderius, of disguised Innogen] Nobly he yokes / A smiling with a sigh
3H6 IV.i.23 [Richard to Edward, of Edward and Lady Grey] 'twere pity / To sunder them that yoke so well together
3H6 [Warwick to George] We'll yoke together