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zeal (n.)  ardour, fervour; or: loyalty, devotion
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2H4 IV.ii.27 [Prince John to Archbishop] You have taken up, / Under the counterfeited zeal of God, / The subjects of His substitute, my father
2H4 V.v.14 [Falstaff to Shallow, of the clothes used for seeing King Henry] this poor show ... doth infer the zeal I had to see him
R2 I.i.47 [Mowbray to King Richard] Let not my cold words here accuse my zeal
TC IV.iv.121 [Troilus to Diomedes, of Cressida] thou dost not use me courteously, / To shame the zeal of my petition to thee / In praising her [F, Q seale]
Tim IV.iii.519 [Flavius to Timon] That which I show ... is merely love, / Duty, and zeal to your unmatched mind