pass (v.) 1
surpass, go beyond, outdo
Ham I.ii.85 [Hamlet to Gertrude] But I have that within which passes show
LLL IV.iii.239 [Berowne to King, of Rosaline] She passes praise
MW I.i.165 [Bardolph to Slender] conclusions passed the careers
MW I.i.277 [Slender to Anne, of a bear] the women have so cried and shrieked at it, that it passed [i.e. surpassed all belief]
MW IV.ii.115 [Page to Ford, of Ford's behaviour] Why, this passes [i.e. surpasses all belief]
RJ I.i.236 [Romeo to Benvolio, of a 'passing fair' mistress] What doth her beauty serve but as a note / Where I may read who passed that passing fair?
TC I.ii.168 [Pandarus to Cressida, of Troilus' reply to Helen] Helen so blushed, and Paris so chafed, and all the rest so laughed, that it passed [i.e. surpassed all description]
Tim I.i.12 [Merchant to Jeweller, of Timon] He passes
TS I.i.125 [Hortensio to Gremio, of Katherina] Though it pass your patience and mine to endure her loud alarums