poise (v.)
balance, weigh, make even
2H6 II.i.199 [King to all, of the conspirators] we ... poise the cause in Justice' equal scales
AW II.iii.153 [King to Bertram, of Helena] poising us in her defective scale [i.e. adding my weight to make good her deficiency]
Oth I.iii.324 [Iago to Roderigo] If the beam of our lives had not one scale of reason to poise another of sensuality
RJ I.ii.94 [Benvolio to Romeo, of Rosaline] Herself poised with herself in either eye
TC I.iii.339 [Nestor to Ulysses, of Hector's challenge] Our imputation shall be oddly poised / In this willed action
TC IV.i.66 [Diomedes to Paris] Both merits poised, each weighs nor less nor more
TNK I.i.86 [Second Queen to Hippolyta] That equally canst poise sternness with pity