purpose (v.) 1
intend, plan
1H4 V.i.43 [Worcester to King Henry] You swore to us ... / That you did nothing purpose 'gainst the state
1H6 III.i.7 [Winchester to Gloucester, of any accusation] I with sudden and extemporal speech / Purpose to answer what thou canst object
1H6 IV.vi.25 [Talbot to John Talbot] purposing the Bastard to destroy [i.e. while I was planning]
2H4 IV.v.155 [Prince Henry to King Henry IV] to show th'incredulous world / The noble change that I have purposed
AC I.ii.178 [Antony to Enobarbus] Let our officers / Have notice what we purpose
AC III.i.35 [Ventidius to Silius, of Antony] He purposeth to Athens
AC V.i.62 [Caesar to Proculeius, of Cleopatra] Go and say / We purpose her no shame
AYL IV.iii.128 [Oliver to Rosalind as Ganymede, of his being left by Orlando to the mercy of a lion] Twice did he turn his back and purposed so
Cor V.iii.119 [Volumnia to Coriolanus] I purpose not to wait on fortune
Cym I.i.5 [First Gentleman to Second Gentleman, of Innogen] purposed to his wife's sole son [i.e. in marriage]
Cym III.iv.109 [Innogen to Pisanio, of the court] whereunto I never / Purpose return
Cym IV.iii.15 [Pisanio to Cymbeline, of Innogen] I nothing know ... when she purposes return
Cym V.v.52 [Cornelius to Cymbeline, of the Queen] she purposed ... to / O'ercome you with her show
H5 IV.i.153 [disguised King Henry to Williams] The King is not bound to answer the particular endings of his soldiers, the father of his son, nor the master of his servant; for they purpose not their death when they purpose their services
H8 II.i.164 [First Gentleman to Second Gentleman, of Wolsey's action] And merely to revenge him on the Emperor ... this is purposed
H8 II.iii.62 [Lord Chamberlain to Anne] the King's majesty ... / Does purpose to honour you no less flowing / Than Marchioness of Pembroke
H8 V.iii.149 [Lord Chancellor to King Henry, of Cranmer] What was purposed / Concerning his imprisonment
Ham IV.iv.11 [Hamlet to Captain, of an army] How purposed, sir, I pray you?
KJ V.vii.86 [Salisbury to Bastard] we ... purpose presently to leave this war
LLL II.i.142 [King to Princess, of her father paying his debt] But that, it seems, he little purposeth
LLL V.ii.343 [King to Princess] We came to visit you, and purpose now / To lead you to our court
MA V.iv.103 [Benedick to Don Pedro] since I do purpose to marry, I will / think nothing to any purpose that the world can say against it [first instance]
Mac I.v.58 [Macbeth to Lady Macbeth, of when Duncan plans to leave] Tomorrow, as he purposes
MV II.ii.190 [Bassanio to Gratiano] we have friends / That purpose merriment
MV IV.i.35 [Shylock to Duke] I have possessed your grace of what I purpose
Per III.iv.12 [Cerimon to Thaisa, of going to the temple] if this you purpose as ye speak
TC IV.v.66 [Aeneas to Greeks] do you purpose / A victor shall be known?
Tem II.i.22 [Gonzalo to Sebastian] You have spoken truer than you purposed
TG III.i.26 [Duke to Proteus, of Silvia] I ... oftentimes have purposed to forbid / Sir Valentine her company
TNK II.v.18 [Gaoler's Daughter alone, of Palamon] That way he takes / I purpose is my way too
WT IV.iv.466 [Camillo to Florizel, of his talking to Polixenes] which I do guess / You do not purpose to him
WT IV.iv.469 [Florizel to Camillo, of his advice not to approach Polixenes yet] I not purpose it