power (n.) 3
authority, government
2H4 V.ii.74 [Lord Chief Justice to King Henry V, of King Henry IV] The image of his power lay then in me
2H6 I.iv.24 [Jourdain to Spirit] By the eternal God, whose name and power / Thou tremblest at
Cor I.i.210 [Martius to Menenius, of a petition] a strange one, / To break the heart of generosity / And make bold power look pale
Cor I.i.218 [Martius to Menenius, of the rabble] It will in time / Win upon power
Cor II.i.215 [Brutus to Sicinius, of Coriolanus as consul] our office may / During his power go sleep
Cor II.i.239 [Brutus to Sicinius, of Coriolanus and the people] to's power he would / Have made them mules
Cor II.iii.176 [Brutus to Citizens, of Coriolanus] when he had no power, / But was a petty servant to the state
Cor III.i.98 [Coriolanus to all, of Sicinius] If he have power, / Then vail your ignorance
Cor III.ii.17 [Volumnia to Coriolanus] I would have had you put your power well on / Before you had worn it out
Cor III.iii.80 [Sicinius to Plebeians, of Coriolanus] defying / Those whose great power must try him
E3 II.ii.188 [King Edward to Countess] Even by that power I swear, that gives me now / The power to be ashamed of myself [first instance]
E3 V.i.219 [Prince Edward to King Edward] thy pleasure chose me for the man / To be the instrument to show thy power
Ham II.ii.27 [Rosencrantz to Claudius] the sovereign power you have of us
KL I.i.130 [Lear to Cornwall and Albany] I do invest you jointly with my power
KL I.i.147 [Kent to Lear] Think'st thou that duty shall have dread to speak / When power to flattery bows
KL I.ii.24 [Gloucester to himself] the King gone tonight? prescribed his power?
KL V.iii.298 [Albany to all] we will resign / During the life of this old majesty / To him our absolute power
MA III.i.11 [Hero to Margaret] favourites, / Made proud by princes, that advance their pride / Against that power that bred it
Mac V.i.37 [Lady Macbeth to herself] What need we fear who knows it, when none can call our power to accompt?
MM I.i.21 [Duke to Escalus, of Angelo] we have ... given his deputation all the organs / Of our own power
MM IV.ii.79 [Duke to Provost, of Angelo] He doth with holy abstinence subdue / That in himself which he spurs on his power / To qualify in others
MM IV.iii.131 [disguised Duke to Isabella, of the Duke] Escalus and Angelo ... prepare to meet him at the gates, / There to give up their power
MV III.ii.289 [Jessica to all] If law, authority, and power deny not, / It will go hard with poor Antonio
MV IV.i.104 [Duke to all] Upon my power I may dismiss this court
MV IV.i.215 [Portia as Balthasar to Bassanio] There is no power in Venice / Can alter a decree established
Oth V.ii.327 [Lodovico to Othello] Your power and your command is taken off
R2 II.iii.97 [York to Bolingbroke, of King Richard] in my loyal bosom lies his power
TC I.iii.139 [Nestor to all] Most wisely hath Ulysses here discovered / The fever whereof all our power is sick
Tem I.ii.55 [Prospero to Miranda] Thy father was the Duke of Milan and / A prince of power
TG II.vi.4 [Proteus alone] that power which gave me first my oath
Tit I.i.406 [Saturninus to Bassianus] if Rome have law or we have power
WT IV.iv.37 [Perdita to Florizel] Your resolution cannot hold when 'tis / Opposed, as it must be, by th'power of the King