party (n.) 1
side, faction, camp
1H6 II.iv.123 [Warwick to Richard] in signal of my love to thee ... / Will I upon thy party wear this rose
Cor I.i.232 [Martius to all, of Aufidius] Were ... he / Upon my party, I'd revolt
Cor III.i.313 [Menenius to Brutus] Proceed by process, / Lest parties ... break out
Cor III.ii.94 [Cominius to Coriolanus] 'tis fit / You make strong party
Cor V.ii.29 [Menenius to First Watch] always factionary on the party of your general
KJ I.i.34 [Queen Eleanor to King John] Constance would not cease / Till she had kindled France and all the world / Upon the right and party of her son
KJ III.i.123 [Constance to and of Austria] What a fool art thou ... to brag and stamp and swear / Upon my party!
KJ V.i.79 [Bastard to King John] Our party may well meet a prouder foe
KL II.i.26 [Edmund to Edgar, of Cornwall] Have you nothing said / Upon his party 'gainst the Duke of Albany?
KL [Oswald to disguised Edgar, of Edmund] Seek him out / Upon the English party
R2 III.ii.203 [Scroop to King Richard] And all your southern gentlemen in arms / Upon his [Bolingbroke's] party [QQ; F Faction]
R3 IV.iv.526 [Fourth Messenger to King Richard, of people on the shore] they came from Buckingham, / Upon his party
TC II.ii.157 [Paris to all] There's not the meanest spirit on our party / Without a heart to dare ... / When Helen is defended