sort (v.) 1
suit, be fitting, be appropriate
3H6 II.i.208 [Warwick to all, of the Queen's arrival] Why then it sorts, brave warriors
3H6 V.v.26 [Prince to and of Richard] His currish riddles sorts not with this place
H5 IV.i.63 [King Henry to Pistol, of Pistol's name] It sorts well with your fierceness
Ham I.i.109 [Barnardo to Horatio, of the Ghost] Well may it sort that this portentous figure / Comes armed through our watch so like the King
Luc 1221 [of Lucrece's maid] she ... sorts a sad look to her lady's sorrow
MND V.i.55 [Theseus to Philostrate, of a proposed entertainment] That is some satire keen and critical, / Not sorting with a nuptial ceremony
TC I.i.108 [Troilus to Aeneas, of his reply to Aeneas] This woman's answer sorts