still (adv.) 1
constantly, always, continually
1H4 I.iii.223 [Hotspur to Northumberland and Worcester, of having a starling say ‘Mortimer’ to King Henry] To keep his anger still in motion
1H4 I.iii.40 [Hotspur to King Henry, of a nobleman] And still he smiled and talked
1H4 II.iv.255 [Prince Hal to Falstaff] you carried your guts away as nimbly ... and roared for mercy, and still run and roared, as ever I heard bull-calf
1H4 III.ii.43 [King Henry to Prince Hal] Had I so lavish of my presence been ... / Opinion, that did help me to the crown, / Had still kept loyal to possession
1H4 III.iii.175 [Prince Hal to Falstaff] I must still be good angel to thee
1H4 IV.iii.38 [Blunt to Hotspur, of not being a rebel] And God defend but still I should stand so
1H4 V.ii.15 [Worcester to Vernon] we shall feed like oxen at a stall, / The better cherished still the nearer death
1H4 V.ii.59 [Vernon to Hotspur, of Prince Hal] Making you ever better than his praise / By still dispraising praise valued with you [i.e. constantly suggesting that praise itself could not be compared with you]
1H4 V.ii.6 [Worcester to Vernon, of King Henry] He will suspect us still, and find a time / To punish this offence in other faults
1H4 V.ii.84 [Hotspur to all] If life did ride upon a dial's point, / Still ending at the arrival of an hour
1H6 I.iii.63 [Winchester to all, of Gloucester] One that still motions war and never peace
1H6 II.i.56 [Pucelle to all] Sleeping or waking must I still prevail
1H6 II.iv.104 [Somerset to Richard] thou shalt find us ready for thee still
1H6 II.iv.130 [Vernon to Richard, of wearing his rose] In your behalf still will I wear the same
1H6 IV.i.161 [King to all] as we hither came in peace, / So let us still continue peace and love
1H6 IV.i.76 [Talbot to King] I go, my lord, in heart desiring still / You may behold confusion of your foes
1H6 V.iv.132 [Winchester to Charles, of King Henry] Thou shalt be placed as viceroy under him, / And still enjoy thy regal dignity
2H4 I.ii.24 [Falstaff to Page, of Prince Henry's face] He may keep it still at a face-royal, for a barber shall never earn sixpence out of it
2H4 II.i.156 [Falstaff to Hostess] you'll be a fool still
2H4 IV.iii.7 [Falstaff to Colevile] Colevile shall be still your name
2H4 IV.iv.104 [King Henry IV to all] Will Fortune never come with both hands full, / But wet her fair words still in foulest terms?
2H4.induction.4 [Rumour] I ... / Making the wind my post-horse, still unfold / The acts commencèd on this ball of earth
2H6 I.i.104 [Cardinal to Gloucester] For France, 'tis ours; and we will keep it still
2H6 I.i.222 [York alone] Pirates may make cheap pennyworths of their pillage ... / Still revelling like lords till all be gone
2H6 I.ii.47 [Gloucester to Duchess] wilt thou still be hammering treachery, / To tumble down thy husband and thyself
2H6 I.iii.44 [Queen to Suffolk] shall King Henry be a pupil still / Under the surly Gloucester's governance?
2H6 II.i.85 [King to all] Let never day nor night unhallowed pass, / But still remember what the Lord hath done
2H6 III.i.239 [Suffolk to all, of Gloucester] The King will labour still to save his life
2H6 IV.iv.22 [King to Queen] Still lamenting and mourning for Suffolk's death?
2H6 IV.ix.17 [King to soldiers] Continue still in this so good a mind
2H6 IV.ix.28 [Messenger to King, of York] still proclaimeth, as he comes along, / His arms are only to remove from thee / The Duke of Somerset
2H6 V.iii.11 [Richard to York, of Salisbury] still where danger was, still there I met him
3H6 III.iii.18 [Lewis to Queen] let thy dauntless mind / Still ride in triumph over all mischance
3H6 [Warwick to King] Your grace hath still been famed for virtuous
3H6 V.v.23 [Richard to Queen] That you might still have worn the petticoat / And ne'er have stolen the breech from Lancaster
AC I.i.59 [Philo to Demetrius] sometimes, when he is not Antony, / He comes too short of that great property / Which still should go with Antony
AC II.iii.37 [Antony alone, of Caesar] His cocks do win the battle still of mine / When it is all to nought
AC III.ii.60 [Caesar to Octavia] You shall hear from me still
AC V.i.75 [Caesar to all] How calm and gentle I proceeded still / In all my writings
AW I.iii.198 [Helena to Countess] in this captious and intenable sieve / I still pour in the waters of my love / And lack not to lose still
AW II.i.204 [King to Helena] I, / Thy resolved patient, on thee still rely
AW IV.iii.21 [Second Lord to First Lord] in the common course of all treasons we still see them reveal themselves till they attain to their abhorred ends
AW IV.iv.35 [Helena to Widow and Diana] All's well that ends well; still the fine's the crown.
AYL I.ii.10 [Celia to Rosalind] so thou hadst been still with me
AYL I.ii.214 [Duke Frederick to Orlando] The world esteemed thy father honourable, / But I did find him still mine enemy
AYL I.iii.71 [Celia to Duke Frederick, of herself and Rosalind] we still have slept together
AYL I.iii.74 [Celia to Duke Frederick, of herself and Rosalind] wheresoe'er we went ... / Still we went coupled and inseparable
AYL II.iv.18 [Corin to Silvius, of Phebe] That is the way to make her scorn you still
AYL III.ii.374 [Rosalind as Ganymede to Orlando] one of the points in the which women still give the lie to their consciences
AYL III.ii.50 [Corin to Touchstone] we are still handling our ewes
CE II.i.11 [Luciana to Adriana, of men] their business still lies out o'door
CE II.i.110 [Adriana to Luciana] the gold bides still / That others touch
CE IV.iv.154 [Dromio of Syracuse to Antipholus of Syracuse] I could find in my heart to stay here still, and turn witch
CE IV.iv.42 [Antipholus of Ephesus to Dromio of Ephesus] Wilt thou still talk?
CE V.i.387 [Antipholus of Syracuse to Antipholus of Ephesus] I see we still did meet each other's man
CE V.i.67 [Adriana to Abbess, of Antipholus of Ephesus straying from home] Still did I tell him it was vile and bad
Cor I.i.98 [Menenius to First Citizen, of the belly] Still cupboarding the viand
Cor II.i.238 [Brutus to Sicinius, of Martius] We must suggest the people in what hatred / He still hath held them
Cor II.ii.131 [Coriolanus to Menenius, of the senators] I do owe them still / My life and services
Cor II.iii.182 [Brutus to Citizens, of Coriolanus] If he should still malignantly remain / Fast foe to th'plebeii, your voices might / Be curses to yourselves?
Cor II.iii.251 [Brutus to Citizens, of voting for Coriolanus] Say you ne'er had done't--Harp on that still--but by our putting on
Cor III.ii.5 [Coriolanus to Nobles, of his behaviour towards the Citizens] yet will I still / Be thus to them
Cor III.iii.127 [Coriolanus to Plebeians] Have the power still / To banish your defenders
Cor IV.i.28 [Coriolanus to Volumnia] My hazards still have been your solace
Cor IV.i.52 [Coriolanus to all] While I remain above the ground you shall / Hear from me still
Cor IV.iv.15 [Coriolanus alone] Friends now fast sworn ... whose meal and exercise / Are still together
Cor IV.vii.1 [Aufidius to Lieutenant, of the soldiers] Do they still fly to th'Roman?
Cor V.i.28 [Cominius to all] 'twas folly, / For one poor grain or two, to leave unburnt / And still to nose th'offence
Cor V.iii.155 [Volumnia to Coriolanus] Think'st thou it honourable for a nobleman / Still to remember wrongs?
Cor V.iv.57 [stage direction] Sound still with shouts
Cor [Coriolanus to all] I am returned your soldier ... still subsisting / Under your great command
Cym I.i.3 [First Gentleman to Second Gentleman] our bloods / No more obey the heavens than our courtiers / Still seem as does the king's
Cym I.ii.52 [Innogen to Posthumus] in our trifles / I still win of you
Cym I.iii.14 [Second Lord to himself, as if to Cloten, of Cloten's opponent] he fled forward still, toward your face
Cym I.iv.12 [Pisanio to Innogen, of Posthumus] he did keep / The deck ... / Still waving
Cym I.v.35 [Posthumus to Frenchman] I have been debtor to you for courtesies which I will be ever to pay, and yet pay still
Cym I.vii.139 [Iachimo to Innogen] I ... will continue fast to your affection, / Still close as sure
Cym II.iv.181 [Posthumus alone, of women] even to vice / They are not constant, but are changing still
Cym IV.iii.41 [Pisanio alone] The heavens still must work
Cym IV.iv.29 [Belarius to Guiderius and Arviragus] to be still hot Summer's tanlings
E3 I.ii.46 [King David to Douglas, of the Countess's jewels] Those are her own, still liable to her
E3 II.ii.86 [King Edward to himself, of Prince Edward] Still do I see in him delineate / His mother's visage
E3 III.iii.190 [Derby to Prince Edward] So may thy temples, with Bellona's hand, / Be still adorned with laurel victory
E3 III.iv.51 [King Edward to all, of Prince Edward] if he break out, Nestor's years on earth / Will make him savour still of this exploit
E3 III.iv.90 [Prince Edward to King Edward] Yet marble courage still did underprop
E3 IV.i.22 [Salisbury to Villiers] I might for ransom ... / Require of thee a hundred thousand francs, / Or else retain and keep thee captive still
E3 IV.iii.51 [Charles to Villiers] Stay, and be still in favour with thy lord
E3 V.i.222 [Prince Edward to King Edward] grant that many princes more ... / May still be famous for like victories
E3 V.i.86 [Copland to the Queen, of King Edward] His name shall keep me in allegiance still
H5 I.ii.145 [King Henry to all] the Scot, / Who hath been still a giddy neighbour to us
H5 III.vii.96 [Constable to Orleans, of the Dauphin] Doing is activity, and he will still be doing
H5 IV.i.295 [King Henry alone] Two chantries where the sad and solemn priests / Sing still for Richard's soul
H8 I.ii.52 [King Henry to all, of the repeated use of the word ‘exaction’] Still exaction!
H8 II.i.13 [First Gentleman to Second Gentleman, of Buckingham] to his accusations / He pleaded still not guilty
H8 II.ii.127 [Campeius to Wolsey, of Pace] you ... / Kept him a foreign man still [i.e. always abroad]
H8 II.iii.7 [Anne to Old Lady, of Queen Katherine] Still growing in a majesty and pomp
H8 III.i.130 [Queen Katherine to Wolsey and Campeius] Have I with all my full affections / Still met the King
H8 III.i.63 [Campeius to Queen Katherine, of Wolsey] Zeal and obedience he still bore your grace
H8 III.ii.315 [Norfolk to Wolsey] in all you writ to Rome ... ‘Ego et Rex meus’ / Was still inscribed
H8 III.ii.445 [Wolsey to Cromwell] Still in thy right hand carry gentle peace / To silence envious tongues
H8 IV.ii.25 [Griffith to Katherine, of Wolsey] his sickness / Pursued him still
H8 IV.ii.76 [Katherine to Patience] be near me still
H8 V.iv.67 [Lord Chamberlain to all, of the crowds] They grow still, too
H8 V.v.17 [Cranmer to all] This royal infant--heaven still move about her!
Ham I.i.122 [Horatio to Barnardo and Marcellus] As harbingers preceding still the fates / And prologue to the omen coming on
Ham I.ii.104 [Claudius to Hamlet, of sons mourning dead fathers] who still hath cried, / From the first corse till he that died today, / ‘This must be so’
Ham I.v.187 [Hamlet to Horatio and Marcellus] Let us go in together, / And still your fingers on your lips, I pray
Ham II.ii.187 [Polonius to himself, of Hamlet] Still harping on my daughter
Ham II.ii.42 [Claudius to Polonius] Thou still hast been the father of good news
Ham III.i.175 [Claudius to Polonius, of Hamlet] This something-settled matter in his heart, / Whereon his brains still beating puts him thus / From fashion of himself
Ham III.ii.222 [First Player as King to his Queen] Our wills and fates do so contrary run / That our devices still are overthrown
Ham IV.vii.115 [Claudius to Laertes] And nothing is at a like goodness still [stays always at the same level of goodness]
Ham V.ii.41 [Hamlet to Horatio] As peace should still her wheaten garland wear
JC V.i.95 [Cassius to Brutus] the affairs of men rest still incertain
KJ II.i.28 [Austria to Arthur, of England] still secure / And confident from foreign purposes
KJ II.i.522 [Blanche to King John] That she is bound in honour still to do / What you in wisdom still vouchsafe to say
KJ II.i.568 [Bastard alone, of commodity] That broker that still breaks the pate of faith
KJ V.vii.73 [Bastard to dead King John] my soul shall wait on thee to heaven,< / As it on earth hath been thy servant still
KL I.i.158 [Kent to Lear] let me still remain / The true blank of thine eye
KL II.iv.101 [Lear to Gloucester, of Cornwall] Infirmity doth still neglect all office / Whereto our health is bound
KL III.iv.177 [Edgar as Poor Tom to all, of Child Roland] His word was still ‘Fie, foh, and fum’
KL III.iv.95 [Edgar as Poor Tom to Lear] Still through the hawthorn blows the cold wind
KL IV.i.2 [disguised Edgar alone] better ... known to be contemned, / Than still contemned and flattered
KL IV.i.65 [Gloucester to Edgar as Poor Tom] That I am wretched / Makes thee the happier. Heavens deal so still!
LLL II.i.51 [Maria to Princess, of Longaville's wit] whose will still wills / It should none spare that come within his power
LLL III.i.188 [Berowne alone] A woman, that is like a German clock, / Still a-repairing, ever out of frame
LLL III.i.84 [Armado to Mote] The fox, the ape, and the humble-bee / Were still at odds, being but three
LLL IV.iii.317 [Berowne to all] For valour, is not Love a Hercules, / Still climbing trees in the Hesperides?
LLL IV.iii.327 [Berowne to all] From women's eyes this doctrine I derive: / They sparkle still the right Promethean fire
LLL IV.iii.37 [King reading his ode] thou will keep / My tears for glasses and still make me weep
LLL V.ii.200 [Berowne to Rosaline] Our duty is so rich, so infinite, / That we may do it still without account
LLL V.ii.24 [Rosaline to Katharine] Look what you do, you do it still i'th' dark
LLL V.ii.28 [Rosaline to Katharine] past cure is still past care
LLL V.ii.840 [Rosaline to Berowne] You shall this twelvemonth term from day to day / Visit the speechless sick, and still converse / With groaning wretches
Luc 1098 [] Like an unpractised swimmer plunging still, / With too much labour drowns for want of skill
Luc 1336 [of Lucrece] Speed more than speed but dull and slow she deems: / Extremity still urgeth such extremes
Luc 1643 [Lucrece] So should my shame still rest upon record
Luc 1658 [Lucrece, of her mind] that never was inclined / To accessary yieldings, but still pure
Luc 1749 [] blood untainted still doth red abide
Luc 201 [] True valour still a true respect should have
Luc 476 [of Lucrece] she with vehement prayers urgeth still / Under what colour he commits this ill
Luc 49 [] O rash false heat, wrapped in repentant cold, / Thy hasty spring still blasts and ne'er grows old
Luc 611 [] But happy monarchs still are feared for love
Luc 727 [of Lucrece] her subjects ... / Which in her prescience she controlled still
Luc 752 [of transgressions committed at night] would they still in darkness be, / To have their unseen sin remain untold
Luc dedication.10 [] [to the Earl of Southampton] to whom I wish long life still lengthened with all happiness
MA I.i.108 [Beatrice to Benedick] I wonder that you will still be talking
MA I.i.125 [Benedick to Beatrice, of her never loving] God keep your ladyship still in that mind!
MA II.iii.44 [Don Pedro to Balthasar] It is the witness still of excellency / To put a strange face on his own perfection
Mac [Duncan to Lady Macbeth] The love that follows us sometime is our trouble, / Which still we thank as love
Mac [Lady Macbeth to Duncan] Your servants ever / Have theirs, themselves and what is theirs, in compt, / To make their audit at your highness' pleasure, / Still to return your own
Mac I.vii.8 [Macbeth alone] We still have judgement
Mac II.i.27 [Banquo to Macbeth, of his intentions] still keep / My bosom franchised and allegiance clear
Mac II.ii.41 [Macbeth to Lady Macbeth, of a voice] Still it cried ‘Sleep no more’ to all the house
Mac II.iv.27 [Ross to Macduff, of the suggestion that Malcolm and Donalbain killed their father] 'Gainst nature still!
Mac III.i.21 [Macbeth to Banquo, of Banquo's advice] Which still hath been both grave and prosperous
Mac IV.iii.24 [Malcolm to Macduff] Though all things foul would wear the brows of grace, / Yet grace must still look so
Mac V.i.73 [Doctor to Gentlewoman, of Lady Macbeth] Remove from her the means of all annoyance / And still keep eyes upon her
Mac [Macduff to all, as if to Macbeth] If thou be'st slain, and with no stroke of mine, / My wife and children's ghosts will haunt me still
Mac [Macduff to Macbeth] let the angel whom thou still hast served / Tell thee Macduff was from his mother's womb / Untimely ripped
MM I.ii.122 [Claudio to Lucio, of heaven's judgement] still 'tis just.
MM II.i.271 [Escalus to Justice] Pardon is still the nurse of second woe
MM III.i.103 [Isabella to Claudio, of his freedom in exchange for Angelo's seduction] he would give't thee, from this rank offence, / So to offend him still
MM III.i.13 [disguised Duke to Claudio, of death] For him thou labour'st by thy flight to shun, / And yet runn'st toward him still
MM III.i.22 [disguised Duke to Claudio] For what thou hast not, still thou striv'st to get
MM IV.ii.132 [Provost to disguised Duke, of Barnardine] His friends still wrought reprieves for him
MM V.i.407 [Duke to all] Haste still pays haste, and leisure answers leisure, / Like doth quit like, and Measure still for Measure
MM V.i.468 [Escalus to Angelo] I am sorry one so learned and so wise / As you, Lord Angelo, have still appeared, / Should slip so grossly
MND I.i.212 [Lysander to Helena, of the night] A time that lovers' flights doth still conceal
MND III.i.146 [Titania to Bottom] The summer still doth tend upon my state
MND III.ii.345 [Oberon to Puck] Still thou mistakest, / Or else committest thy knaveries wilfully
MND III.ii.413 [Lysander to himself, of Demetrius] He goes before me, and still dares me on
MND V.i.193 [Bottom as Pyramus to Flute as Thisbe] I am thy lover's grace, / And like Limander am I trusty still
MV I.i.17 [Solanio to Antonio, of how he would behave if he had ships abroad] I should be still / Plucking the grass to know where sits the wind
MV I.iii.106 [Shylock to Antonio, of Antonio's condemnation of him] Still have I borne it with a patient shrug
MV III.ii.144 [Bassanio to Portia, of a prize-winner] Hearing applause and universal shout, / Giddy in spirit, still gazing in a doubt / Whether those pearls of praise be his or no
MV III.ii.74 [Bassanio to himself] The world is still deceived with ornament
MV IV.i.265 [Antonio to Bassanio, of Fortune] it is still her use / To let the wretched man outlive his wealth / To view with hollow eye and wrinkled brow / An age of poverty
MV V.i.62 [Lorenzo to Jessica] There's not the smallest orb which thou beholdest / But in his motion like an angel sings, / Still quiring to the young-eyed cherubins
MW III.iv.19 [Anne to Fenton] Yet seek my father's love, still seek it
MW V.v.92 [Mistress Quickly to fairies, of Falstaff] About him, fairies, sing a scornful rhyme, / And, as you trip, still pinch him to your time
Oth I.iii.128 [Othello to all, of Desdemona] Her father loved me, oft invited me, / Still questioned me the story of my life
Oth I.iii.146 [Othello to all, of Desdemona listening to his stories] still the house affairs would draw her thence
Oth II.i.104 [Iago to Desdemona, of Emilia talking] I find it still when I have list to sleep
Oth II.i.218 [Iago to Roderigo, of Othello] will she love him still for prating?
Oth III.iii.176 [Othello to Iago] Think'st thou I'd make a life of jealousy, / To follow still the changes of the moon / With fresh suspicions?
PassP II.2 []Two loves I have, of comfort and despair, / That like two spirits do suggest me still
PassP IV.8 [] Touches so soft still conquer chastity
PassP VII.10 [] Dreading my love, the loss thereof still fearing!
PassP XVIII.43 [] Think women still to strive with men, / To sin and never for to saint
Per Chorus.I.36 [Gower alone, of Antiochus and his daughter] he made a law, / To keep her still
Per Chorus.IV.27 [Gower alone, of Marina] She sung, and made the night-bird mute, / That still records with moan
Per Chorus.IV.29 [Gower alone] Still / This Philoten contends in skill / With absolute Marina
Per III.i.52 [First Sailor to Pericles, of throwing a dead body overboard] with us at sea it hath been still observed, and we are strong in custom
Per III.ii.45 [Second Gentleman to Cerimon] your purse, still open
Per IV.ii.141 [Marina to Bawd] If fires be hot, knives sharp, or waters deep, / Untied I still my virgin knot will keep
R2 I.i.22 [Mowbray to King Richard] Each day still better other's happiness
R2 II.i.22 [York to John of Gaunt, of Italy] Whose manners still our tardy-apish nation / Limps after in base imitation
R2 II.ii.34 [Queen Isabel to Bushy] Conceit is still derived / From some forefather grief
R2 II.iii.49 [Bolingbroke to Percy] as my fortune ripens with thy love / It shall be still thy true love's recompense
R2 III.ii.62 [King Richard to all] heaven still guards the right
R2 III.iii.166 [King Richard to all] shall we play the wantons with our woes, / And make some pretty match with shedding tears, / As thus to drop them still upon one place / Till they have fretted us a pair of graves
R2 V.ii.21 [York to Duchess of York, of Bolingbroke] Bespake them thus: ‘I thank you, countrymen.’ / And thus still doing, thus he passed along
R2 V.ii.32 [York to Duchess of York, of Richard] His face still combating with tears and smiles
R2 V.v.54 [Richard alone] my finger, like a dial's point, / Is pointing still in cleansing them from tears
R3 I.iii.221 [Queen Margaret to Richard] The worm of conscience still begnaw thy soul!
R3 I.iii.277 [Queen Margaret to Buckingham] My charity is outrage, life my shame, / And in that shame still live my sorrow's rage!
R3 I.iv.37 [Clarence to Keeper] still the envious flood / Stopped in my soul
R3 II.i.139 [Richard to Buckingham, of the Queen's relatives and Clarence's death] they did urge it still unto the King!
R3 III.i.126 [Prince Edward to York] My Lord of York will still be cross in talk
R3 III.ii.52 [Hastings to Catesby, of the Queen's relatives] they have been still my adversaries
R3 III.vii.50 [Buckingham to Richard] Play the maid's part: still answer nay, and take it
R3 IV.i.84 [Anne to Queen Elizabeth, of Richard] never yet one hour in his bed / Did I enjoy the golden dew of sleep, / But with his timorous dreams was still awaked
R3 IV.iii.48 [Ratcliffe to King Richard] Buckingham, backed with the hardy Welshmen, / Is in the field, and still his power increaseth
R3 IV.iv.365 [Queen Elizabeth to King Richard, of the princes' death] Harp on it still shall I till heart-strings break
R3 V.iii.118 [Richmond to God] Sleeping and waking, O defend me still!
RJ I.i.171 [Romeo to Benvolio] Alas that love, whose view is muffled, still / Should without eyes see pathways to his will!
RJ I.i.217 [Benvolio to Romeo, of Rosaline] Then she hath sworn that she will still live chaste?
RJ II.ii.172 [Juliet to Romeo, of why she called him back] I shall forget, to have thee still stand there
RJ II.iii.23 [Friar Laurence alone] Two such opposed kings encamp them still / In man as well as herbs - grace and rude will
RJ III.iii.39 [Romeo to Friar Laurence, of Juliet's lips] Who, even in pure and vestal modesty, / Still blush, as thinking their own kisses sin
RJ III.v.178 [Capulet to Lady Capulet, of Juliet] still my care hath been / To have her matched
RJ III.v.73 [Lady Capulet to Juliet] much of grief shows still some want of wit
RJ IV.iii.29 [Juliet alone, of Friar Laurence] he hath still been tried a holy man
RJ V.iii.106 [Romeo to himself, as if to supposedly dead Juliet] I still will stay with thee / And never from this palace of dim night / Depart again
RJ V.iii.270 [Prince to Friar Laurence] We still have known thee for a holy man
Sonn 10.14 [] Make thee another self, for love of me, / That beauty still may live in thine or thee
Sonn 105.4 [] Since all alike my songs and praises be / To one, of one, still such, and ever so
Sonn 105.6 [of love] Still constant in a wondrous excellence
Sonn 119.10 [] O benefit of ill, now I find true / That better is, by evil still made better
Sonn 119.4 [] Still losing when I saw myself to win
Sonn 126.10 [of Nature] She may detain, but not still keep her treasure
Sonn 126.6 [] Nature ... / As thou goest onwards, still will pluck thee back
Sonn 134.4 [] Myself I'll forfeit, so that other mine / Thou wilt restore, to be my comfort still
Sonn 135.9 [] The sea all water, yet receives rain still
Sonn 136.13 [] Make but my name thy love, and love that still
Sonn 144.2 [] Two loves I have of comfort and despair, / Which like two spirits do suggest me still
Sonn 147.1 [] My love is as a fever, longing still / For that which longer nurseth the disease
Sonn 153.6 [] A dateless lively heat still to endure
Sonn 16.13 [] To give away yourself keeps yourself still
Sonn 41.4 [] For still temptation follows where thou art
Sonn 55.10 [] your praise shall still find room, / Even in the eyes of all posterity
Sonn 63.14 [of his friend] His beauty shall in these black lines be seen, / And they shall live, and he in them still green
Sonn 65.14 [] in black ink my love may still shine bright
Sonn 74.4 [] My life hath in this line some interest, / Which for memorial still with thee shall stay
Sonn 76.10 [] And you and love are still my argument
Sonn 76.14 [] For as the sun is daily new and old, / So is my love still telling what is told
Sonn 76.5 [] Why write I still all one, ever the same
Sonn 81.13 [] You still shall live (such virtue hath my pen)
Sonn 85.6 []I ... still cry Amen / To every hymn that able spirit affords
Sonn 9.5 []The world will be thy widow and still weep / That thou no form of thee hast left behind
Sonn 93.3 [] love's face / May still seem love to me, though altered-new
Sonn 98.13 [] Yet seemed it winter still, and you away
TC I.i.23 [Troilus to Pandarus] Still have I tarried
TC II.ii.145 [Priam to Paris] You have the honey still
TC II.ii.192 [Paris to all] I propend to you / In resolution to keep Helen still
TC III.i.117 [Pandarus singing] The shaft confounds, / Not that it wounds, / But tickles still the sore
TC III.iii.22 [Calchas to Agamemnon] Oft have you ... Desired my Cressid in right great exchange, / Whom Troy hath still denied
TC IV.v.195 [Nestor to Hector] this thy countenance, still locked in steel, / I never saw till now
TC IV.v.293 [Troilus to Ulysses] still sweet love is food for fortune's tooth
TC V.ii.197 [Thersites alone] Lechery, lechery, still wars and lechery
TC V.x.28 [Troilus to all, as if to Diomedes] I'll haunt thee like a wicked conscience still
Tem IV.i.108 [Juno to Ferdinand and Miranda] Hourly joys be still upon you!
Tem V.i.214 [Alonso to Ferdinand and Miranda] Let grief and sorrow still embrace his heart / That doth not wish you joy
TG I.i.9 [Valentine to Proteus] since thou lovest, love still, and thrive therein
TG II.i.11 [Valentine to Speed] you'll still be too forward
TG [Proteus alone] love is still most precious in itself
TG IV.iii.31 [Silvia to Eglamour, of her flight] To keep me from a most unholy match, / Which heaven and fortune still rewards with plagues
TG IV.iv.35 [Launce to his dog] Did not I bid thee still mark me and do as I do?
TG IV.iv.59 [Proteus to disguised Julia, of Launce] A slave that still an end turns me to shame!
TG V.iv.43 [Proteus to Silvia] 'tis the curse in love, and still approved, / When women cannot love where they're beloved!
Tim I.i.262 [First Lord to Apemantus, responding to ‘Time to be honest’] That time serves still
Tim II.i.11 [Senator alone, of Timon] No porter at his gate, / But rather one that smiles and still invites / All that pass by
Tim II.i.4 [Senator alone, of Timon] Still in motion / Of raging waste?
Tim [Timon as if to the gods] For your own gifts make yourselves praised; but reserve still to give, lest your deities be despised
Tim IV.ii.41 [Flavius alone] bounty, that makes gods, does still mar men
Tim IV.iii.245 [Apemantus to Timon] Willing misery / Outlives incertain pomp, is crowned before. / The one is filling still, never complete, / The other at high wish
Tim IV.iii.334 [Timon to Apemantus] If thou wert the ass, thy dullness would torment thee, and still thou livedst but as a breakfast to the wolf.
Tim IV.iii.517 [Flavius to Timon] Suspect still comes where an estate is least
Tim IV.iii.84 [Timon to Timandra] Be a whore still
Tim V.i.120 [Second Senator to Flavius] At all times alike / Men are not still the same
Tim V.i.211 [Flavius to Senators] Trouble him no further; thus you still shall find him
Tit V.iii.41 [Saturninus to Titus, of Virginius' daughter] the girl should not survive her shame, / And by her presence still renew his sorrows
TN II.iii.47 [Feste singing] What's to come is still unsure
TN II.iv.116 [Viola as Cesario to Orsino] Our shows are more than will; for still we prove / Much in our vows, but little in our love
TN II.iv.29 [Orsino to Viola as Cesario] Let still the woman take / An elder than herself
TN II.v.151 [Malvolio reading the letter supposedly from Olivia] let me see thee a steward still
TN II.v.169 [Malvolio reading the letter supposedly from Olivia] in my presence still smile
TN III.iv.373 [Viola alone, of Sebastian] he went / Still in this fashion, colour, ornament, / For him I imitate
TN IV.i.61 [Sebastian to Olivia] Let fancy still my sense in Lethe steep
TN IV.ii.56 [Feste as Sir Topas to Malvolio] remain thou still in darkness
TN V.i.109 [Orsino to Olivia] Still so cruel? Olivia: Still so constant, lord
TN V.i.122 [Orsino to Olivia] Live you the marble-breasted tyrant still
TNK II.i.99 [Arcite to Palamon] dead-cold winter must inhabit here still
TNK IV.iii.87 [Doctor to Wooer, of the Gaoler's Daughter] Desire to eat with her, carve her, drink to her, and still among intermingle your petition of grace and acceptance into her favour
TNK V.ii.104 [Doctor to Wooer] You must not from her, / But still preserve her in this way
TNK V.iii.73 [Emilia to herself, of Arcite] Upon my right side still I wore thy picture
TS II.i.298 [Petruchio to all,of Katherina] 'Tis bargained 'twixt us twain, being alone, / That she shall still be curst in company
TS III.i.53 [Bianca to Lucentio as Cambio] I must believe my master, else, I promise you, / I should be arguing still upon that doubt
TS IV.i.193 [Petruchio alone, of Katherina] if she chance to nod I'll rail and brawl, / And with the clamour keep her still awake
TS IV.iii.189 [Petruchio to Katherina] Look what I speak, or do, or think to do, / You are still crossing it
TS IV.iv.53 [Baptista to Tranio as Lucentio] old Gremio is hearkening still
Ven 1000 [of a boar] Which knows no pity, but is still severe
Ven 1106 [of a boar] Whose downward eye still looketh for a grave
Ven 480 [of Venus and Adonis] she, by her good will, / Will never rise, so he will kiss her still
Ven 507 [Venus to Adonis, of his lips] as they last, their verdure still endure
Ven 617 [of a boar] Whose tushes never sheathed he whetteth still
Ven 637 [Venus to Adonis, of a boar] O, let him keep his loathsome cabin still
WT I.ii.214 [Camillo to Leontes, of Polixenes] You had much ado to make his anchor hold: / When you cast out, it still came home
WT I.ii.449 [Polixenes to Camillo] Be pilot to me, and thy places shall / Still neighbour mine
WT III.ii.210 [Paulina to Leontes] a barren mountain, and still winter / In storm perpetual
WT III.iii.121 [Shepherd to Clown] We are lucky, boy, and to be so still requires nothing but secrecy
WT III.iii.48 [Antigonus to the baby Perdita] Which may, if fortune please, both breed thee, pretty, / And still rest thine
WT IV.iv.136 [Florizel to Perdita] What you do / Still betters what is done
WT IV.iv.142 [Florizel to Perdita] I wish you / A wave o'th' sea, that you might ever do / Nothing but that--move still, still so, / And own no other function
WT V.i.8 [Leontes to Paulina] I ... still think of / The wrong I did myself
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