synod (n.)
assembly, council, gathering
AC III.x.5 [Scarus to Enobarbus] Gods and goddesses, / All the whole synod of them!
AYL III.ii.146 [Celia as Aliena reading] Thus Rosalind of many parts / By heavenly synod was devised [or: astrological conjunction]
CE I.i.13 [Duke to Egeon] It hath in solemn synods been decreed
Cor V.ii.66 [Menenius to Coriolanus] The glorious gods sit in hourly synod
Cym V.iv.89 [Sicilius, to music, as if to Jupiter] we poor ghosts will cry / To th'shining synod of the rest against thy deity
Ham II.ii.492 [First Player to all] All you gods, / In general synod
TNK I.i.176 [First Queen to Theseus] Able to lock Jove from a synod