success (n.) 1
result, outcome, issue
3H6 II.ii.46 [King to Clifford] things ill got had ever bad success [>> PROVERBS, p. 000]
3H6 II.ii.74 [Clifford to King, of the battle] The Queen hath best success when you are absent
3H6 III.iii.146 [Lewis to Queen] if your title to the crown be weak, / As may appear by Edward's good success
AC II.iv.9 [Maecenas and Agrippa to Lepidus] Sir, good success
AC III.v.5 [Enobarbus to Eros, of the wars] What is the success?
AW [Bertram to all] we cannot greatly condemn our success
AW [Parolles to Bertram, of retrieving his drum] I know not what the success will be
AW IV.iii.85 [Bertram to all, of what he has achieved] By an abstract of success
Cor I.i.258 [Sicinius to Brutus, of Martius] Such a nature, / Tickled with good success
Cor V.i.63 [Menenius to all] I shall ere long have knowledge / Of my success
E3 III.ii.27 [First Frenchman to First Citizen] Belike you then despair of ill success [i.e. you fear a bad outcome]
E3 IV.iii.64 [Charles to King John] I have a prophecy ... / Wherein is written what success is like / To happen us in this outrageous war
JC II.ii.6 [Caesar to Servant] Go bid the priests do present sacrifice, / And bring me their opinions of success
KL V.iii.192 [Edgar to Albany] Not sure, though hoping, of this good success
Oth III.iii.220 [Iago to Othello] My speech should fall into such vile success / Which my thoughts aimed not at
R3 IV.iv.237 [King Richard to Queen Elizabeth] so thrive I in my enterprise / And dangerous success of bloody wars
TC I.iii.340 [Nestor to Ulysses, of Hector's challenge] the success, / Although particular, shall give a scantling / Of good or bad unto the general
TC II.ii.118 [Hector to Troilus] is your blood / So madly hot that no ... fear of bad success in a bad cause, / Can qualify the same?
TNK IV.iii.99 [Doctor to Wooer] Let us ... hasten the success [i.e. get a result as soon as possible]