bear (v.), past forms bore, borne 5
sustain, carry through, keep going
AW III.iii.5 [Bertram to Duke, of receiving command] We'll strive to bear it for your worthy sake
H5 I.ii.213 [Canterbury to all] a thousand actions ... be all well borne / Without defeat
Ham I.iii.67 [Polonius to Laertes, of a quarrel] being in, / Bear't that th'opposed may beware of thee
JC II.i.226 [Brutus to all] bear it as our Roman actors do, / With untired spirits and formal constancy
Luc 1132 [Lucrece as if to the nightingale] I [will] ... with deep groans the diapason bear
Tem I.ii.426 [Ferdinand to Miranda] Vouchsafe ... that you will some good instruction give / How I may bear me here
Tim I.i.181 [Jeweller to Timon, of being rebuked by Apemantus] We'll bear, with your lordship [i.e. we can cope with him, if you can]
WT IV.iv.293 [Autolycus to all] I can bear my part