serve (v.) 2
suffice, be enough, do [for]
1H4 IV.i.132 [Hotspur to all] My father and Glendower being both away, / The powers of us may serve so great a day
2H6 II.i.103 [Gloucester to all, of Simpcox's story] it shall not serve
Cor II.iii.14 [First Citizen to Third Citizen] to make us no better thought of a little help will serve [i.e. it won't take much to make them think badly of us]
LLL I.ii.108 [Mote to Armado, of a ballad] it would neither serve for the writing nor the tune
MW IV.ii.72 [Mistress Page to Mistress Ford, of a disguise for Falstaff] it will serve him
Tim I.i.262 [First Lord to Apemantus, of a time to be honest] That time serves still
Tim III.iv.58 [Lucius' Servant to Flavius] this answer will not serve