respect (v.) 1
pay attention to, heed
Cym I.vii.155 [Innogen to Iachimo, of Cymbeline] he hath ... a daughter who / He not respects at all
JC IV.iii.69 [Brutus to Cassius, of Cassius' threats] they pass by me as the idle wind, / Which I respect not
LLL I.ii.172 [Armado alone, of a Spaniard] the passado he respects not
R3 I.iv.154 [Second Murderer to First Murderer] Spoke like a tall man that respects thy reputation
TG III.i.89 [Valentine to Duke, of the Duke's imaginary lady friend] Win her with gifts, if she respect not words
TNK I.i.26, 28 [First Queen to Thesus] Hear and respect me! [Second Queen to Hippolyta] Hear and respect me!
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well-respected (adj.)