rare (adj.) 1
marvellous, splendid, excellent
1H4 III.iii.202 [Falstaff alone] Rare words!
1H6 II.iii.10 [Countess alone, of Talbot] Fain would mine eyes be witness with mine ears, / To give their censure of these rare reports
1H6 V.v.1 [King to Suffolk] Your wondrous rare description
AC II.ii.210 [Agrippa to Enobarbus] O, rare for Antony!
AC II.ii.223 [Agrippa to Enobarbus, of Cleopatra] Rare Egyptian!
AYL V.iv.101 [Jaques to Duke Senior, of Touchstone] Is not this a rare fellow
Cor IV.v.165 [Second Servingman to First Servingman, of Coriolanus] He is simply the rarest man i'th' world
Cym I.i.47 [First Gentleman to Second Gentleman, of living in court] Which rare it is to do
Cym I.v.58 [Frenchman to Iachimo, of a woman] less attemptable than any the rarest of our ladies in France
H8 I.ii.111 [King Henry to Queen Katherine, of Buckingham] a most rare speaker
H8 II.iv.137 [King Henry as if to Queen Katherine] thy rare qualities
LC 235 [of a nun] Whose rarest havings made the blossoms dote
LLL V.ii.680 [Dumaine to all] Most rare Pompey!
MA I.i.130 [Benedick to Beatrice] you are a rare parrot-teacher
MA III.i.91 [Ursula to Hero, of Benedick] So rare a gentleman
MA V.i.239 [Claudio as if to Hero] thy image doth appear / In the rare semblance that I loved it first
MV II.ii.101 [Launcelot to Gobbo, of Bassanio] who indeed gives rare new liveries
MV II.ii.103 [Launcelot to Gobbo, of Bassanio] O rare fortune, here comes the man!
Per V.i.161 [Pericles to Marina] This is the rarest dream
Per V.i.231 [Pericles to all] Rarest sounds!
Sonn 56.14 [] winter, which being full of care, / Makes summer's welcome, thrice more wished, more rare
Tem II.i.101 [Antonio to Sebastian, of Alonso's daughter in Tunis] the rarest that e'er came there
Tem III.i.75 [Prospero to himself, of Ferdinand and Miranda] Fair encounter / Of two most rare affections
TG V.iv.162 [Duke to Valentine] we will include all jars / With ... rare solemnity
TN III.i.83 [Sir Andrew to himself, of Viola as Cesario] That youth's a rare courtier
TN III.ii.54 [Fabian to Sir Toby, of Sir Andrew] We shall have a rare letter from him
TNK III.v.16 [Schoolmaster to all, of the Duke] And then cries 'Rare!'
TNK III.v.76 [Third Countryman to all, of the Gaoler's Daughter] she'll do the rarest gambols
WT III.i.13 [Dion to Cleomenes, of their journey to the oracle] rare, pleasant, speedy
WT III.i.20 [Dion to Cleomenes] When the oracle ... / Shall the contents discover, something rare / Even then will rush to knowledge
WT V.i.112 [Gentleman to Paulina, of Perdita] she is / The rarest of all women