reave (v.), past form reft
rob, deprive
2H6 V.i.187 [Salisbury to King] Who can be bound by any solemn vow ... / To reave the orphan of his patrimony
AW V.iii.86 [King to Bertram, of Helena] Had you that craft to reave her / Of what should stead her most?
CE I.i.116 [Egeon to Duke, of the ship] would have reft the fishers of their prey
CE I.i.129 [Egeon to Duke, of his son's servant] Reft of his brother
Cym III.iii.103 [Belarius alone, as if to Cymbeline] Thou refts me of my lands
E3 III.i.157 [Mariner to King John] darkness did as well enclose the quick / As those that were but newly reft of life
MA IV.i.194 [Leonato to Benedick] Nor my bad life reft me so much of friends
Per II.iii.84 [Pericles to Thaisa] [I] ... / Was by the rough seas reft of ships and men
Ven 1174 [of Venus, and Adonis' flower] within her bosom it shall dwell, / Since he himself is reft from her by death
Ven 766 [Venus to Adonis] A mischief worse than ... butcher sire that reaves his son of life