arms (n.) 1
weapons, armaments
1H6 I.i.46 [Bedford to all] Instead of gold, we'll offer up our arms
2H6 IV.ix.29 [Messenger to King, of the Duke of York] His arms are only to remove from thee / The Duke of Somerset [or: armed men]
2H6 V.i.18 [Buckingham to York, of his business] A messenger from Henry ... / To know the reason of these arms in peace [or: armed men]
KL IV.ii.17 [Gonerill to Edmund] I must change arms at home
R2 II.ii.50 [Green to Queen Isabel] The banished Bolingbroke ... with uplifted arms is safe arrived
TC III.iii.270 [Thersites to Achilles, of Ajax] he wears his tongue in's arms