heavy (adj.) 1
sorrowful, sad, gloomy
1H4 V.iv.105 [Prince Hal to supposedly dead Falstaff] I should have a heavy miss of thee / If I were much in love with vanity [pun: heavy in weight]
1H6 IV.ii.40 [General to Talbot] The Dauphin's drum ... / Sings heavy music to thy timorous soul
2H4 I.i.121 [Morton to Northumberland] our men, heavy in Hotspur's loss
2H4 V.ii.14 [Warwick to Lord Chief Justice, of Prince John, Clarence, and Gloucester] Here come the heavy issue of dead Harry
2H4 V.ii.24 [Warwick to Prince John] our argument / Is all too heavy to admit much talk
2H6 III.ii.306 [Suffolk to Queen] let thy Suffolk take his heavy leave
2H6 III.ii.379 [Queen to Vaux, of the Cardinal's illness] Go tell this heavy message to the King [or: serious]
3H6 I.iv.160 [York to Queen, of his son's murder] if thou tellest the heavy story right ... the hearers will shed tears
3H6 II.i.43 [Richard to Messenger] what art thou, whose heavy looks foretell / Some dreadful story hanging on thy tongue?
3H6 II.v.63 [Son to himself, of killing his father] O, heavy times, begetting such events!
3H6 II.vi.42 [Richard to all, hearing Clifford groan] Whose soul is that which takes her heavy leave?
3H6 III.iii.37 [Queen to Lewis] ourselves [are] in heavy plight
AC IV.xiv.134 [Guards to each other, of the dying Antony] Most heavy day!
AC IV.xv.40 [Guards to each other, of the dying Antony] A heavy sight!
AW III.ii.32 [Clown to Countess] yonder is heavy news within
AW V.iii.100 [Bertram to Lafew, of the woman who had thrown him a ring] she ceased / In heavy satisfaction
AYL III.ii.314 [Rosalind as Ganymede to Orlando, of a rich man] knowing no burden of heavy tedious penury
CE I.i.32 [Egeon to Duke] A heavier task could not have been imposed / Than I to speak my griefs unspeakable
CE V.i.403 [Abbess to the two Antipholuses] Thirty-three years have I but gone in travail / Of you, my sons, and till this present hour / My heavy burden ne'er delivered
CE V.i.45 [Adriana to Abbess, of Antipholus of Ephesus] This week he hath been heavy, sour, sad
Cor II.i.177 [Menenius to Coriolanus] I am light and heavy
Cor IV.ii.48 [Volumnia to all, of Brutus and Sicinius] Could I meet 'em / But once a day, it would unclog my heart / Of what lies heavy to't
Cym V.iv.158 [First Gaoler to Posthumus, of the latter's hanging] A heavy reckoning for you sir [or: sense 2]
Cym V.v.414 [Iachimo to Posthumus] my heavy conscience sinks my knee
JC II.i.275 [Portia to Brutus] unfold to me ... / Why you are heavy
KJ IV.i.47 [Arthur to Hubert] I ... / Still and anon cheered up the heavy time
KL IV.vi.147 [Lear to blind Gloucester] Your eyes are in a heavy case, your purse in a light
LLL I.ii.116 [Armado to Mote] Sing, boy. My spirit grows heavy in love.
LLL V.ii.14 [Katharine to Rosaline, of Cupid killing her sister] He made her melancholy, sad, and heavy
LLL V.ii.715 [Marcade to Princess] the news I bring / Is heavy in my tongue
LLL V.ii.732 [Princess to King] A heavy heart bears not a humble tongue
Luc 121 [] then is Tarquin brought unto his bed, / Intending weariness with heavy sprite
Luc 1326 [of a sad sight] the eye interprets to the ear / The heavy motion that it doth behold
Luc 1435 [of Trojan mothers] through their light joy seemed to appear, / Like bright things stained, a kind of heavy fear
Luc 743 [of Tarquin, leaving Lucrece] He thence departs a heavy convertite
MA II.iii.69 [Balthasar singing] Sing no more ditties, sing no moe, / Of dumps so dull and heavy
MA III.ii.56 [Don Pedro to Claudio, of Benedick's behaviour] Indeed, that tells a heavy tale for him
MA III.iv.23 [Hero to Margaret] my heart is exceedingly heavy
Mac IV.iii.202 [Ross to Macduff, of his bad news] the heaviest sound / That ever yet they heard
MV V.i.130 [Portia to Bassanio] a light wife doth make a heavy husband
MW IV.vi.1 [Host to Fenton] talk not to me. My mind is heavy
Oth I.iii.255 [Desdemona to Duke, of Othello] I a heavy interim shall support / By his dear absence
Oth IV.ii.41 [Desdemona to Othello] Alas, the heavy day!
Oth V.ii.367 [Lodovico to all] Myself will straight aboard, and to the state / This heavy act with heavy heart relate
Oth V.ii.99 [Othello to himself] O insupportable! O heavy hour!
Per IV.iv.49 [Gower alone, of Pericles] our scene must play / His daughter's woe and heavy well-a-day
Per V.Chorus.22 [Gower alone] Of heavy Pericles, think this his bark
R2 II.ii.30 [Queen Isabel to Bushy] I cannot but be sad - so heavy-sad
R2 II.iv.18 [Salisbury alone] Ah, Richard! With the eyes of heavy mind / I see thy glory like a shooting star / Fall
R2 III.ii.196 [Scroop to King Richard] So may you by my dull and heavy eye / My tongue hath but a heavier tale to say
R2 III.iii.8 [York to Northumberland] Alack the heavy day / When such a sacred king should hide his head!
R2 III.iv.2 [Queen Isabel to Ladies] What sport shall we devise here in this garden / To drive away the heavy thought of care? [or: sense 3]
R2 IV.i.256 [King Richard to all] Alack the heavy day, / That I have worn so many winters out
R2 V.i.47 [Richard to Queen Isabel] The heavy accent of thy moving tongue
R2 V.i.92 [Richard to Queen Isabel] I'll ... piece the way out with a heavy heart
R3 I.iii.230 [Queen Margaret to Richard] Thou slander of thy heavy mother's womb!
R3 I.iv.14 [Clarence to Keeper, of himself and Gloucester] we ... cited up a thousand heavy times / During the wars [F; Q fearefull]
R3 I.iv.74 [Clarence to Keeper] My soul is heavy, and I fain would sleep
R3 II.ii.113 [Buckingham to all] You ... / That bear this heavy mutual load of moan
RJ I.i.137 [Montague to Benvolio, of Romeo] Away from light steals home my heavy son
RJ I.i.178 [Romeo to Benvolio] O heavy lightness, serious vanity
RJ I.iv.12 [Romeo to Benvolio] Being but heavy, I will bear the light
RJ II.ii.157 [Romeo alone] Love goes toward love as schoolboys from their books; / But love from love, toward school with heavy looks
RJ III.ii.60 [Juliet to herself, of her heart] end motion here, / And thou and Romeo press one heavy bier!
RJ III.iii.157 [Friar Laurence to Nurse, of Lady Capulet] bid her hasten all the house to bed, / Which heavy sorrow makes them apt unto
RJ IV.v.18 [Nurse to all] O heavy day!
Sonn 44.14 [] Receiving nought by elements so slow, / But heavy tears, badges of either's woe
TC IV.iv.15 [Pandarus to Troilus and Cressida, quoting a line] O heart, heavy heart, / Why sigh'st thou without breaking?
TC IV.v.95 [Agamemnon to Ulysses] What Trojan is that same that looks so heavy?
Tem III.i.5 [Ferdinand alone] my mean task / Would be as heavy to me as odious
TG I.ii.84 [Lucetta to Julia, of a song] It is too heavy for so light a tune
TG III.ii.62 [Duke to Proteus, of Silvia] she is lumpish, heavy, melancholy
TG IV.ii.136 [Julia to Host] it hath been the longest night / That e'er I watched, and the most heaviest [also: sense 8]
Tit III.i.275 [Titus to all] You, heavy people, circle me about
Tit IV.iii.25 [Marcus to Publius] is not this a heavy case, / To see thy noble uncle thus distract?
Tit V.iii.149 [Lucius to all] nature puts me to a heavy task
TNK I.v.4 [Song] Balms and gums and heavy cheers
TNK II.i.83 [Arcite to Palamon, of their unmarried state] which is heaviest
TNK IV.ii.27 [Emilia alone, of Palamon] of an eye as heavy / As if he had lost his mother
TS I.ii.45 [Hortensio to Petruchio, of Grumio] Why, this's a heavy chance 'twixt him and you [i.e. sad misunderstanding]
Ven 1125 [Venus to dead Adonis] She whispers in his ears a heavy tale
Ven 182 [of Adonis] with a heavy, dark, disliking eye
Ven 839 [of Venus] Her heavy anthem still concludes in woe
Ven 950 [Venus, as if to death] What may a heavy groan advantage thee?
WT III.ii.206 [Paulina to Leontes] Do not repent these things, for they are heavier / Than all thy woes can stir
WT III.iii.108 [Shepherd to Clown, of the disasters] Heavy matters, heavy matters!
WT IV.iv.769 [Autolycus to Clown, of the Shepherd] Not he alone shall suffer what wit can make heavy and vengeance bitter
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