honour (n.) 1
fame, renown, glory
Cym I.i.29 [First Gentleman to Second Gentleman, of Sicilius] who did join his honour / Against the Romans
Mac III.iv.39 [Macbeth to all] Here had we now our country's honour roofed, / Were the graced person of our Banquo present
Oth V.ii.243 [Othello to himself] why should honour outlive honesty? [i.e. concern for reputation outlast true honour]
Tit I.i.7 [Saturninus to his followers] let my father's honours live in me [also: sense 2]
TNK III.vi.130 [Arcite to Palamon] only this fears me, / The law will have the honour of our ends [i.e. we will die dishonourably by being executed]