fashion (n.) 2
conventional behaviour, conformity, customary use
AYL III.ii.248 [Orlando to Jaques] for fashion sake, I thank you too for your society [i.e. to show good manners]
CE I.i.74 [Egeon to Duke, of the babies] That mourned for fashion, ignorant what to fear [i.e. because everyone else was]
H5 IV.i.82 [King Henry alone, of Fluellen] Though it appear a little out of fashion, / There is much care and valour in this Welshman
Ham II.ii.371 [Hamlet to Rosencrantz and Guildenstern] Th'appurtenance of welcome is fashion and ceremony
Ham III.i.176 [Claudius to Polonius, of Hamlet] puts him thus / From fashion of himself [i.e. conducting himself normally]
Oth II.i.200 [Othello to Desdemona] I prattle out of fashion [i.e. unbecomingly]