fly (v.) 1
leave, run away [from], flee
1H6 I.i.97 [Exeter to all] The Dauphin crowned king? ... / O, whither shall we fly from this reproach?
2H6 II.i.159 [Gloucester to Suffolk] You made in a day ... whole towns to fly [i.e. to be lost]
AYL I.iii.98 [Celia to Rosalind] devise with me how we may fly
Cor I.x.19 [Aufidius to First Soldier, of Coriolanus] for him / Shall fly out of itself [i.e. depart from its own nature]
R3 V.iii.186 [King Richard to himself] Then fly
Tem V.i.35 [Prospero alone, as if to elves] ye that ... / Do chase the ebbing Neptune, and do fly him / When he comes back
Tim I.i.24 [Poet to Painter, of his poetic inspiration] Our gentle flame ... like the current flies / Each bound it chafes