factor (n.)
agent, representative, broker
1H4 III.ii.147 [Prince Hal to King Henry] Percy is but my factor ... / To engross up glorious deeds on my behalf
AC II.vi.10 [Pompey to Caesar, Antony and Lepidus] To you all three ... / Chief factors for the gods
CE I.i.42 [Egeon to Duke] my factor's death
Cym I.vii.188 [Iachimo to Innogen, of himself and his companions] the factor for the rest
R3 III.vii.133 [Buckingham to Richard, of his leading the country] Not as ... lowly factor for another's gain
R3 IV.iv.72 [Queen Margaret to Duchess of York, of Richard] hell's black intelligencer; / Only reserved their factor to buy souls / And send them thither [i.e. his only role on earth is as an agent of hell]