commend (v.) 2
commit, entrust, hand over
AC IV.viii.23 [Antony to Cleopatra, of Scarus] Behold this man. / Commend unto his lips thy favouring hand
AW V.i.31 [Helena to Gentleman, of the King] Commend the paper to his gracious hand
CE I.ii.32 [First Merchant to Antipholus of Syracuse] I commend you to your own content
CE I.ii.33 [Antipholus of Syracuse alone] He that commends me to mine own content / Commends me to the thing I cannot get
Cor II.iii.246 [Sicinius to Citizens, of Coriolanus] One thus descended ... we did commend / To your remembrances
Cym II.ii.8 [Innogen to herself] To your protection I commend me, gods
E3 IV.iv.105 [Third Herald to Prince Edward] Philip ... / Commends this book full fraught with prayers / To thy fair hand
H8 IV.ii.131 [Katherine to Capuchius, of her letter] In which I have commended to his goodness / The model of our chaste loves, his young daughter
H8 V.i.17 [Lovell to Gardiner] I ... durst commend a secret to your ear
KJ V.ii.56 [Lewis the Dauphin to Salisbury, of Salisbury's tears] Commend these waters to those baby eyes / That never saw the giant world enraged
KL III.i.19 [disguised Kent to Gentleman] I ... dare upon the warrant of my note / Commend a dear thing to you
LLL I.i.229 [King reading Armado's letter to him] I did commend the black oppressing humour to the most wholesome physic of thy health-giving air
LLL II.i.114 [Berowne to Rosaline] I will commend you to mine own heart
LLL III.i.164 [Berowne to Costard] to her white hand see thou do commend / This sealed-up counsel
Luc 436 [of Tarquin] His eye commends the leading to his hand
Mac I.vii.11 [Macbeth alone] This even-handed justice / Commends the ingredience of our poisoned chalice / To our own lips
Mac III.i.38 [Macbeth to Banquo] I wish your horses swift and sure of foot; / And so I do commend you to their backs
R2 III.iii.116 [Northumberland to King Richard, of Bolingbroke] His glittering arms he will commend to rust
R3 V.iii.116 [Richmond alone, to God] To Thee I do commend my watchful soul
TG I.i.17 [Proteus to Valentine] Commend thy grievance to my holy prayers
TG I.iii.42 [Panthino to Antonio] gentlemen ... / Are journeying to salute the Emperor, / And to commend their service to his will
TNK I.i.167 [First Queen to other queens] delay / Commends us to a famishing hope
TNK [Palamon to Arcite] I commend thee [i.e. to divine care]
TNK V.i.75 [Arcite to Knights] to the goddess Venus / Commend we our proceeding
WT II.iii.181 [Leontes to Antigonus, of the baby] I do in justice charge thee ... / That thou commend it strangely to some place
WT III.ii.167 [Leontes to all, of Camillo] to the hazard / Of all incertainties himself commended