confound (v.) 1
destroy, overthrow, ruin
1H6 IV.i.123 [Gloucester to Vernon and Basset] Confounded be your strife
2H4 IV.iv.41 [King Henry IV to Clarence, of Prince Henry] being moody, give him time and scope, / Till that his passions ... / Confound themselves with working
AC II.v.92 [Cleopatra to Messenger] The gods confound thee!
AC III.ii.58 [Enobarbus aside to Agrippa, of Antony] What willingly he did confound he wailed
Cym I.v.49 [Frenchman to Posthumus] two, that would by all likelihood have confounded one the other
H5 IV.v.3 [Dauphin to all] All is confounded, all!
KJ V.vii.20 [Prince Henry to Pembroke, of King John's dying fantasies] in their throng and press to that last hold, / Confound themselves
LLL V.ii.397 [Berowne to Rosaline] confound me with a flout
LLL V.ii.517 [Princess to King, of those presenting the pageant] Their form confounded makes most form in mirth
Luc 1202 [Lucrece as if to Collatine, of Tarquin] My shame be his that did my fame confound
Luc 1489 [Lucrece to herself, of a painting of Troy] one man's lust these many lives confounds
Luc 160 [of Tarquin] he himself himself confounds, betrays / To slanderous tongues and wretched hateful days
Luc 250 [of Tarquin's evil thoughts] Which in a moment doth confound and kill / All pure effects
Luc 290 [of Collatine and Lucrece] That eye which looks on her confounds his wits
MV III.ii.276 [Salerio to Bassanio, of Shylock] Never did I know / A creature that did bear the shape of man / So keen and greedy to confound a man
Phoen 41 [] Reason, in itself confounded, / Saw division grow together
R2 III.iv.60 [Gardener to First Man, of making cuts in a fruit tree] Lest being overproud in sap and blood / With too much riches it confound itself
R2 IV.i.141 [Bishop of Carlisle to all] tumultuous wars / Shall kin with kin, and kind with kind, confound [also: sense 9]
R2 V.iii.85 [York to King Henry, of Aumerle] This let alone will all the rest confound
RJ [Friar to Romeo, of honey] in the taste confounds the appetite
Sonn 5.6 [] For never resting time leads summer on / To hideous winter and confounds him there
Sonn 69.7 [] But those same tongues that give thee so thine own, / In other accents do this praise confound
Sonn 8.7 [] thee, who confounds / In singleness the parts that thou should'st bear
TC II.iii.74 [Thersites to Patroclus] war and lechery confound all!
TC III.i.115 [Pandarus singing of Cupid's arrow] The shaft confounds
Tim I.i.240 [Apemantus to Merchant] Traffic confound thee, if the gods will not!
Tim I.i.242 [Apemantus to Merchant] Traffic's thy god, and thy god confound thee!
Tim IV.i.37 [Timon alone] The gods confound ... / Th'Athenians both within and out that wall
Tim IV.iii.104 [Timon to Alcibiades, of the Athenians] The gods confound them all in thy conquest
Tim IV.iii.129 [Timon to Alcibiades] thy fury spent, / Confounded be thyself
Tim IV.iii.338 [Timon to Apemantus, of being a unicorn] pride and wrath would confound thee
Tim IV.iii.451 [Timon to Bandits, of his gold] Steal less for this I give you, / And gold confound you howsoe'er
Tim V.i.101 [Timon to Poet and Painter, of knaves] Confound them by some course
TNK V.i.166 [Emilia to all, of Palamon and Arcite] this battle shall confound / Both these brave knights
TNK V.i.28 [Arcite to Palamon] To seat something [in my memory] I would confound
TS V.ii.139 [Katherina to Widow, of her frown] It ... / Confounds thy fame as whirlwinds shake fair buds