attend (v.) 3
serve at court, wait on royalty
Cym III.iii.22 [Belarius to Guiderius and Arviragus] this life / Is nobler than attending for a check
Cym III.vii.56 [Innogen to herself, of Arviragus and Guiderius] Great men, / That had a court no bigger than this cave, / That did attend themselves
H8.V.ii.1 [stage direction] Pursuivants, pages, and others, attending before the Council Chamber
MV IV.i.145 [disguised Nerissa to Duke, of Portia as Balthasar] He attendeth here hard by / To know your answer whether you'll admit him
Tim I.i.7 [Poet to Painter, as if to Bounty] all these spirits thy power / Hath conjured to attend!