careful (adj.) 1
anxious, concerned, worried
CE I.i.79 [Egeon to Duke] My wife, more careful for the latter-born
CE V.i.299 [Egeon to Antipholus and Dromio of Ephesus] careful hours with time's deformed hand / Have written strange defeatures in my face
H5 IV.i.224 [King Henry alone] Let us our lives, our souls, / Our debts, our careful wives ... lay on the King!
H8 I.ii.130 [Wolsey to and of Surveyor] Most like a careful subject
R2 II.ii.75 [Queen Isabel to Green, of York] full of careful business are his looks!
R3 I.iii.82 [Queen Elizabeth to Richard] By Him that raised me to this careful height
Sonn 143.1 [] Like as a careful housewife runs to catch / One of her feathered creatures broke away
Tit IV.iv.84 [Tamora to Saturninus] The eagle suffers little birds to sing, / And is not careful what they mean thereby