issue (n.) 1
child(ren), offspring, family, descendant
1H6 II.v.94 [Mortimer to Richard] thou seest that I no issue have
1H6 V.v.72 [Suffolk to King, of Margaret] Her valiant courage and undaunted spirit ... / Will answer our hope in issue of a king
2H4 V.ii.14 [Warwick to all] Here come the heavy issue of dead Harry
2H6 II.ii.32 [York to Salisbury and Warwick] The issue of the next son should have reigned
2H6 II.ii.35 [York to Salisbury and Warwick] The third son, Duke of Clarence, from whose line / I claim the crown, had issue Philippe, a daughter
2H6 II.ii.51 [York to Salisbury and Warwick] So, if the issue of the elder son / Succeed before the younger, I am king
3H6 II.ii.22 [Clifford to King, of York] He, but a duke, would have his son a king, / And raise his issue like a loving sire
3H6 III.ii.131 [Richard alone, of the succession] Clarence, Henry, and his son young Edward, / And all the unlooked-for issue of their bodies
AC [Caesar to Maecenas, of Antony and Cleopatra] all the unlawful issue that their lust ... hath made between them
AW I.iii.25 [Clown to Countess] I think I shall never have the blessing of God till I have issue o'my body
AW V.iii.197 [Countess to King, of a jewel] Conferred by testament to th'sequent issue
Cor I.iii.21 [Volumnia to Virgilia, of Martius] his good report should have been my son; I therein would have found issue
Cor IV.iv.22 [Coriolanus alone] fellest foes ... shall grow dear friends / And interjoin their issues
Cym I.i.37 [First Gentleman to Second Gentleman, of Posthumus' father] Then old, and fond of issue
Cym V.v.331 [Belarius to Cymbeline, of Guiderius and Arviragus] They are the issue of your loins
Cym V.v.458 [Soothsayer to all, of Guiderius and Arviragus] whose issue / Promises Britain peace and plenty
E3 I.i.9 [Artois to King Edward, of Phillip le Beau] Three sons of his ... died and left no issue of their loins
E3 IV.iv.23 [Audley to Prince Edward] Philip, the younger issue of the king
H5 V.ii.341 [French King to King Henry, of Katherine] from her blood raise up / Issue to me
H8 I.ii.134 [Surveyor to King Henry] if the King / Should without issue die
H8 II.iv.192 [King Henry to all, of the Queen] her male issue / Or died where they were made, or shortly after / This world had aired them
H8 II.iv.198 [King Henry to all] I weighed the danger which my realms stood in / By this my issue's fail
H8 III.ii.291 [Surrey to Norfolk] As you respect the common good, the state / Of our despised nobility, our issues
JC III.ii.138 [Antony to Plebeians, of a hair from Caesar's head] Bequeathing it as a rich legacy / Unto their issue
KJ I.i.257 [Lady Faulconbridge to Bastard] Thou art the issue of my dear offence
KJ II.i.186 [Constance to King John, of Queen Eleanor] God hath made her sin and her the plague / On this removed issue
KL I.i.16 [Kent to Gloucester] I cannot wish the fault undone, the issue of it being so proper
KL I.i.66 [Lear to Gonerill, of giving her and Albany a third of his kingdom] To thine and Albany's issues / Be this perpetual
KL I.ii.9 [Edmund alone] my shape [is] as true, / As honest madam's issue
KL IV.iii.35 [disguised Kent to Gentleman, of Lear's daughters] The stars above us govern our conditions. / Else one self mate and make could not beget / Such different issues
Luc 37 [of Collatine and Tarquin] Perchance his boast of Lucrece' sovereignty / Suggested this proud issue of a king
Luc 522 [Tarquin to Lucrece] Thy issue blurred with nameless bastardy
MA IV.i.130 [Leonato to all] Why had I not with charitable hand / Took up a beggar's issue at my gates
Mac III.i.64 [Macbeth alone] For Banquo's issue have I filed my mind
Mac III.i.88 [Macbeth to Murderers, of Banquo] Are you so gospelled, / To pray for this good man and for his issue
Mac IV.i.102 [Macbeth to Witches] shall Banquo's issue ever / Reign in this kingdom?
Mac IV.i.86 [Macbeth to Witches, of the vision] What is this / That rises like the issue of a king
Mac IV.iii.107 [Macduff to Malcolm] the truest issue of thy throne / By his own interdiction stands accused
MND V.i.395 [Oberon to all] To the best bride bed will we, / Which by us shall blessed be; / And the issue there create / Ever shall be fortunate
MV II.iv.37 [Lorenzo to Gratiano, of Jessica] she is issue to a faithless Jew
Per I.ii.73 [Pericles to Helicanus] I sought the purchase of a glorious beauty, / From whence an issue I might propagate
R2 I.iii.20 [Mowbray to King Richard] to defend my loyalty and truth / To God, my King, and my succeeding issue
R3 I.i.57 [Clarence to Richard, of King Edward] a wizard told him that by G / His issue disinherited should be
R3 I.iii.231 [Queen Margaret to Richard] Thou loathed issue of thy father's loins!
R3 III.v.89 [Richard to Buckingham] My princely father, then had wars in France, / And by true computation of the time / Found that the issue was not his begot
R3 IV.iv.296 [King Richard to Queen Elizabeth] If I have killed the issue of your womb, / To quicken your increase I will beget / Mine issue of your blood upon your daughter
R3 IV.iv.57 [Queen Margaret to Duchess of York] this carnal cur / Preys on the issue of his mother's body
R3 V.iii.124 [Ghost of Prince Edward to Richmond] King Henry's issue, Richmond, comforts thee
Sonn 13.8 [] your sweet issue your sweet form should bear
Tem IV.i.104 [Juno to Ceres, of Ferdinand and Miranda] Go with me / To bless this twain, that they may prosperous be / And honoured in their issue
Tem IV.i.24 [Ferdinand to Prospero] I hope / For quiet days, fair issue, and long life
Tem V.i.205 [Gonzalo to all] Was Milan thrust from Milan that his issue / Should become kings of Naples?
Tim IV.iii.368 [Timon to Apemantus] Away, thou issue of a mangy dog!
Tit IV.ii.65 [Aaron to Nurse] A joyful issue [pun: sense 2]
Tit V.iii.120 [Marcus to all, of a baby] The issue of an irreligious Moor
TNK II.i.86 [Arcite to Palamon] no issue know us
Ven 1178 [Venus to a flower] Sweet issue of a more sweet-smelling sire
WT II.i.150 [Antigonus to Leontes, of his daughters ] I had rather glib myself than they / Should not produce fair issue
WT II.iii.192 [Leontes to all] I'll not rear / Another's issue
WT II.iii.93 [Leontes to Paulina, of Perdita] This brat is none of mine: / It is the issue of Polixenes
WT III.iii.42 [Antigonus alone, of the baby] this being indeed the issue / Of King Polixenes
WT IV.ii.26 [Polixenes to Camillo] Kings are no less unhappy, their issue not being gracious, than they are in losing them when they have approved their virtues
WT V.i.27 [Dion to all] What dangers by his highness' fail of issue / May drop upon his kingdom
WT V.i.46 [Paulina to Leontes] Care not for issue
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