touch (n.) 1
trait, quality, feature
AYL III.ii.148 [Celia as Aliena reading] To have the touches dearest prized
AYL V.iv.27 [Duke Senior to all, of Rosalind as Ganymede] I do remember in this shepherd boy / Some lively touches of my daughter's favour
Cor IV.i.49 [Coriolanus to all] My friends of noble touch [i.e. of proven nobility]
Mac IV.ii.9 [Macduff's wife to Ross, of Macduff] He wants the natural touch
TC III.iii.175 [Ulysses to Achilles] One touch of nature makes the whole world kin [i.e. a hint of frailty]
Tim I.i.37 [Painter to Poet, of someone in his picture for Timon] Here is a touch. Is't good?
Tim I.i.39 [Poet to Painter, of someone in his picture for Timon] Artificial strife / Lives in these touches livelier than life