travail, travel (n.) 1
labour, effort, exertion [often overlapping with sense 2]
1H6 V.iv.102 [Richard to all] Is all our travail turned to this effect?
E3 IV.ii.44 [Percy to King Edward] by the fruitful service of your peers / And painful travail of the Queen herself, / That, big with child, was every day in arms [QQ trauell] [also: sense 2]
Sonn 27.2 [] The dear repose for limbs with travail tired [also: sense 2]
Sonn 79.6 [] thy lovely argument / Deserves the travail of a worthier pen
TC I.i.71 [Pandarus to Troilus] I have had my labour for my travail [i.e. taken trouble for nothing]
TC II.ii.4 [Priam to all, reporting Nestor on the damage caused by the war] honour, loss of time, travail, expense [also: sense 4]