traffic (n.) 1
trade, commerce, business, merchandise
CE I.i.15 [Duke to Egeon, of the decree] To admit no traffic to our adverse towns
Sonn.4.9 [] For having traffic with thyself alone
Tem II.i.151 [Gonzalo to Alonso, of the imaginary commonwealth] no kind of traffic / Would I admit
Tim I.i.240 [Apemantus to Merchant] Traffic confound thee, if the gods will not!
TN III.iii.35 [Antonio to Sebastian] repaying / What we took from them, which, for traffic's sake, / Most of our city did
TS I.i.12 [Lucentio to Tranio, of his father] A merchant of great traffic through the world
WT IV.iii.23 [Autolycus alone] My traffic is sheets