theme (n.) 1
subject, subject-matter, topic of discourse
CE II.ii.190 [Antipholus of Syracuse to himself, of Adriana] she moves me for her theme
Cor I.i.218 [Martius to Menenius, of the rabble] It will in time / Win upon power and throw forth greater themes / For insurrection's arguing [i.e. for rebels to use as justification]
Ham V.i.262 [Hamlet to all, of Laertes] I will fight with him upon this theme
Mac I.iii.128 [Macbeth to himself] Two truths are told / As happy prologues to the swelling Act / Of the imperial theme
MW V.v.159 [Falstaff to all] Well, I am your theme
TC IV.v.181 [Menelaus to Hector, of Helen] Name her not now, sir; she's a deadly theme
TC IV.v.30 [Ulysses to himself] O deadly gall, and theme of all our scorns
Tem II.i.6 [Gonzalo to Alonso] The masters of some merchant ... / Have just our theme of woe