trencher (n.)
plate, platter, serving dish
2H6 IV.i.57 [Suffolk to Lieutenant] How often hast thou ... / Fed from my trencher
AC III.xiii.117 [Antony to Cleopatra] I found you as a morsel cold upon / Dead Caesar's trencher
Cor IV.v.52 [Coriolanus to Third Servingman] Serve with thy trencher
LLL V.ii.477 [Berowne to Boyet, of the Princess] Do not you ... stand between her back, sir, and the fire, / Holding a trencher
RJ I.v.2 [First Servingman to Second Servingman, of Potpan] He shift a trencher!
TG IV.iv.9 [Launce alone, of his dog and Silvia] he steps me to her trencher and steals her capon's leg
Tim I.i.124 [Old Athenian to Timon, of Lucilius] my estate deserves an heir more raised / Than one which holds a trencher
TS IV.i.151 [Petruchio to Servants, of the food] take it to you, trenchers, cups, and all