touch (v.) 8
wound, hurt, injure
1H4 II.iv.293 [Prince Hal to Bardolph and Peto] you will not touch the true prince
Cym I.i.10 [First Gentleman to Second Gentleman, of Cymbeline] the king / Be touched at very heart
Cym IV.iii.4 [Cymbeline to all] heavens, / How deeply you at once do touch me!
Cym V.iii.10 [Posthumus to Lord, of the Britons] some slightly touched
MM V.i.233 [Angelo to Duke] My patience here is touched [or: tried]
Oth II.iii.214 [Iago to Montano] Touch me not so near
Oth IV.i.197 [Iago to Othello, of Desdemona's supposed offence] for if it touch not you, it comes near nobody
R3 I.i.112 [Richard to Clarence, of his imprisonment] this deep disgrace in brotherhood / Touches me deeper than you can imagine
R3 II.iii.26 [Third Citizen to other Citizens, of the succession] For emulation who shall now be nearest / Will touch us all too near
Tit IV.iv.36 [Tamora to herself, as if to Titus] I have touched thee to the quick