triumphant (adj.)
triumphal, glorious, celebrating a great victory
1H6 I.i.22 [Exeter to all, of their glorifying death's victory] Like captives bound to a triumphant car
AC II.ii.189 [Maecenas to Enobarbus, of Cleopatra] She's a most triumphant lady, if report be square to her
AC III.i.10 [Silius to Ventidius] thy grand captain, Antony, / Shall set thee on triumphant chariots
Cor V.v.3 [First Senator to all] make triumphant fires
R3 IV.iv.333 [King Richard to Queen Elizabeth] Bound with triumphant garlands will I come
RJ V.iii.83 [Romeo to dead Paris] I'll bury thee in a triumphant grave