unarm (v.)
disarm, remove armour
AC IV.xiv.35 [Antony to Eros] Unarm, Eros. The long day's task is done
TC I.i.1 [Troilus to Pandarus] I'll unarm again
TC I.ii.274 [Boy to Pandarus, of Troilus' whereabouts] At your own house; there he unarms him
TC III.i.147 [Paris to Helen] I must woo you / To help unarm our Hector
TC V.iii.25 [Cassandra to Hector] Unarm, sweet Hector
TC V.iii.3 [Andromache to Hector] Unarm, unarm, and do not fight today
TC V.iii.35 [Hector to Troilus] Unarm thee, go