want (n.) 1
lack, shortage, dearth
1H4 III.i.178 [Worcester to Hotspur, of a temperament like Hotspur's] oftentimes it doth present ... want of government
1H6 I.i.69 [First Messenger to Exeter, of how the towns were lost] No treachery, but want of men and money
2H6 III.ii.348 [Queen to Suffolk] As one that surfeits thinking on a want [i.e. of food]
3H6 I.iv.133 [York to Queen, of government] The want thereof makes thee abominable
3H6 V.ii.8 [Warwick alone] my want of strength ... shows, / That I must yield my body to the earth
AW IV.i.68 [Parolles to Soldiers] I shall lose my life for want of language
CE II.ii.188 [Adriana to Antipholus of Syracuse] ivy, brier, or idle moss, ... for want of pruning
Cor III.ii.69 [Volumnia to Coriolanus] show our general louts / How you can frown, than spend a fawn upon 'em / For ... safeguard / Of what that want might ruin [i.e. for lack of fawning]
Cym IV.iv.26 [Belarius to Guiderius and Arviragus] your loves / Who find in my exile the want of breeding
Cym V.iv.162 [Firdst Gaoler to Posthumus, of going to a tavern] you come in faint for want of meat
KJ II.i.435 [Hubert to King John and King Philip, of Blanche] And she again wants nothing, to name want, / If want it be not that she is not he [second and third instances]
KL I.i.230 [Cordelia to Lear, of what she lacks] for want of that for which I am richer
KL I.i.279 [Gonerill to Cordelia] You ... well are worth the want that you have wanted [i.e. well deserve the loss of affection] [first instance]
KL I.iv.340 [Gonerill to Albany] You are much more a-taxed for want of wisdom / Than praised for harmful mildness
LLL IV.iii.235 [Berowne to King, of Rosaline's face] Where nothing wants that want itself doth seek [second instance]
Luc 153 [] we do neglect / The thing we have, and all for want of wit / Make something nothing by augmenting it
MND I.i.130 [Hermia to Lysander] for want of rain
PassP XX.35 [of a nightingale] if store of crowns be scant, / No man will supply thy want
R2 III.iv.16 [Queen Isabel to First Lady, of the telling of tales] It adds more sorrow to my want of joy
Sonn 151.13 [] No want of conscience hold it that I call / Her love
Tem II.i.148 [Sebastian aside to Antonio, of what Gonzalo would do] 'Scape being drunk for want of wine
TN I.v.59 [Olivia to Feste] for want of other idleness, I'll bide your proof
Ven 202 [] What 'tis to love, how want of love tormenteth?