attend (v.) 1
await, wait for, expect
1H4 IV.iii.70 [Hotspur to Blunt, of Bolingbroke] The more and less ... / Met him in boroughs, cities, villages, / Attended him on bridges
2H4 I.i.3 [Lord Bardolph to Porter] Tell thou the Earl / That the Lord Bardolph doth attend him here
AC III.x.31 [Scarus to Canidius, of Peloponnesus] there I will attend / What further comes
AW II.iii.180 [King to all] The solemn feast / Shall more attend upon the coming space, / Expecting absent friends [i.e.the feast can wait until some time has gone by]
AW II.iii.50 [King to Helena] receive / The confirmation of my promised gift, / Which but attends thy naming
AW II.iv.51 [Parolles to Helena, of Bertram] you presently / Attend his further pleasure
AW V.iii.135 [Gentleman to King] the poor suppliant, who ... / Is here attending
Cor I.i.243 [First Senator to Martius] Your company to th'Capitol, where I know / Our greatest friends attend us
Cor II.ii.158 [Brutus to Sicinius, of the people] On th'marketplace / I know they do attend us
Cor III.i.330 [Sicinius to Senators] Meet on the market-place. We'll attend you there
Cor III.ii.138 [Cominius to Coriolanus] The Tribunes do attend you
Cor III.ii.138 [Cominius to Coriolanus] The Tribunes do attend you
Cym IV.ii.334 [Captain to Lucius] the legions garrisoned in Gallia, / After your will have crossed the sea, attending / You here at Milford-Haven
E3 IV.v.10 [Charles to King John] Our men ... / Look on each other, as they did attend / Each other's words, and yet no creature speaks
E3 IV.v.6 [King John to Charles] Silence attends some wonder
H8 V.i.83 [Denny to King Henry, of Canterbury] He attends your highness' pleasure
H8 V.ii.18 [Cranmer to himself, of the Councillors] their pleasures / Must be fulfilled, and I attend with patience
Ham V.ii.193 [Lord to Hamlet, of Claudius] you attend him in the hall
KL II.i.124 [Regan to Gloucester] The several messengers / From hence attend dispatch
KL II.iii.5 [Edgar alone] No port is free, no place / That guard and most unusual vigilance / Does not attend my taking
KL II.iv.35 [disguised Kent to Lear, of Gonerill and Albany] They ... / Commanded me to follow and attend / The leisure of their answer
LLL II.i.33 [Princess to Boyet, of the King] Haste ... while we attend, / Like humble-visaged suitors, his high will
LLL V.ii.828 [Berowne to Rosaline] Behold the window of my heart, mine eye, / What humble suit attends thy answer there
Luc 330 [Tarquin to himself] these lets attend the time ... / To add a more rejoicing to the prime
Luc.1333 [of Lucrece's letter] The post attends, and she delivers it
Mac III.i.45 [Macbeth to Servant, of the Murderers] Attend those men our pleasure?
Mac V.iv.15 [Macduff to Malcolm] Let our just censures / Attend the true event
MW I.i.250 [Anne to Slender] The dinner attends you, sir
Oth III.iii.278 [Desdemona to Othello] Your dinner, and the generous islanders / By you invited, do attend your presence
Oth III.iv.189 [Cassio to Bianca] I do attend here on the General
Per I.iv.79 [Cleon to Lord, of the ships] Go tell their general we attend him here, / To know for what he comes
R2 I.iii.116 [Second Herald to all] Here standeth Thomas Mowbray ... / Attending but the signal to begin
R2 III.iii.176 [Northumberland to King Richard, of Bolingbroke] My lord, in the base-court he doth attend / To speak with you
R3 I.ii.226 [Richard to Gentleman] to Whitefriars - there attend my coming
R3 IV.iv.196 [Queen Elizabeth to King Richard] Shame serves thy life and doth thy death attend
TG III.i.186 [Valentine alone] Tarry I here, I but attend on death
TG IV.iii.5 [Eglamour to Silvia, of himself] One that attends your ladyship's command
Tim I.ii.152 [Timon to Ladies] there is an idle banquet attends you
Tim III.iv.39 [Titus to Flavius, of Timon] We attend his lordship
Tim III.v.102 [First Senator to Alcibiades] If after two days' shine Athens contain thee, / Attend our weightier judgement
TN III.iv.219 [Sir Toby to Viola as Cesario] thy intercepter ... attends thee at the orchard end
TN III.iv.59 [Servant to Olivia, of Viola as Cesario] He attends your ladyship's pleasure
TNK IV.i.55 [Wooer to Gaoler] patiently I was attending sport
TNK V.iv.8 [Palamon to Knights] The gout and rheum, that in lag hours attend / For grey approachers
TS II.i.168 [Petruchio alone, of Katherina] I'll attend her here
TS III.ii.5 [Baptista to Tranio as Lucentio] What mockery will it be / To want the bridegroom when the priest attends / To speak the ceremonial rites of marriage!
WT I.ii.178 [Hermione to Leontes, of herself and Polixenes] We are yours i'th' garden. Shall's attend you there?
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