dismal (adj.) 1
disastrous, calamitous, devastating
1H6 I.i.105 [Third Messenger to nobles] I must inform you of a dismal fight
Ham II.ii.454 [Hamlet to First Player, quoting lines about Pyrrhus] this dread and black complexion smeared / With heraldry more dismal
Ham V.ii.361 [Ambassador to all] The sight is dismal
Mac III.v.21 [Hecat to Witches] this night I'll spend / Unto a dismal and a fatal end
Mac V.v.12 [Macbeth to himself] The time has been ... my fell of hair / Would at a dismal treatise rouse and stir / As life were in't
RJ IV.iii.19 [Juliet alone] My dismal scene I needs must act alone
TNK III.v.113 [Schoolmaster to Theseus] dainty Duke, whose doughty dismal fame ... / Is blown abroad [i.e. causing disaster to others]