dreadful (adj.) 1
inspiring dread, causing fear, daunting
1H6 I.i.110 [Third Messenger to all, of Talbot] this dreadful lord ... / Was round encompassed and set upon
1H6 II.iii.7 [Countess alone, of Talbot] Great is the rumour of this dreadful knight
Oth II.iii.169 [Othello to all] Silence that dreadful bell
R3 I.i.8 [Richard alone] Our dreadful marches [are changed] to delightful measures
TC IV.iv.126 [Troilus to Diomedes, invoking the gods] by the dreadful Pluto
TC IV.v.4 [Agamemnon to Ajax] With starting courage, / Give with thy trumpet a loud note to Troy, / Thou dreadful Ajax
TC V.v.14 [Agamemnon to Diomedes] the dreadful Sagittary / Appals our numbers