dearth (n.) 1
scarcity, shortage, lack [of food], famine
AC II.vii.19 [Antony to Lepidus, of those estimating the flow of the Nile] They know ... if dearth / Or foison follow
Cor I.i.65 [Menenius to Citizens] For your wants, / Your suffering in this dearth
Cor I.i.70 [Menenius to Citizens] For the dearth, / The gods, not the patricians, make it
Cor I.ii.10 [Aufidius to all, reading a letter about the Romans] The dearth is great
KL I.ii.144 [Edmund to Edgar, of a writer] the effects he writes of succeed unhappily, as of ... dearth
R2 III.iii.163 [King Richard to Aumerle, of their tears] make a dearth in this revolting land
Sonn 14.4 [of astronomy] not to tell ... / Of plagues, of dearths, or season's quality
TG II.vii.16 [Julia to Lucetta] Pity the dearth that I have pined in / By longing for that food