deliver (v.) 1
report [to], communicate [to], tell, describe
1H4 I.iii.25 [Northumberland to King Henry, of Hotspur's report] As is delivered to your majesty
AW I.iii.112 [Steward to Countess, of Helena's thoughts] This she delivered in the most bitter touch of sorrow
AW IV.iii.151 [Bertram to First Lord, of Parolles' revelations] I con him no thanks for't, in the nature he delivers it [i.e. given the kind of thing he is saying]
CE II.ii.173 [Antipholus of Syracuse to Dromio of Syracuse, of Adriana] her very words / Didst thou deliver to me on the mart
Cor I.i.93 [First Citizen to Menenius] an't please you, deliver [i.e. out with it]
Cor II.i.54 [Menenius to Brutus and Sicinius] I cannot say your worships have delivered the matter well
H8 II.iii.106 [Anne to Old Lady, of Queen Katherine] Pray do not deliver / What here you've heard to her
Ham I.ii.193 [Horatio to Hamlet, of the ghostly vision] I may deliver ... / This marvel to you
Ham I.ii.209 [Horatio to Hamlet, of the sentinels] as they had delivered
Ham V.ii.380 [Horatio to Ambassadors and Fortinbras] All this can I / Truly deliver
JC III.i.181 [Brutus to Antony] we will deliver you the cause / Why I ... / Have thus proceeded
Mac III.iii.2 [Second Murderer to Third Murderer, of Macbeth] he delivers / Our offices and what we have to do
MM IV.ii.122 [Provost to disguised Duke, reading Angelo's letter] more depends on it than we must yet deliver
Oth I.iii.90 [Othello to all] I will a round unvarnished tale deliver / Of my whole course of love
Oth II.iii.213 [Montano to Iago] If ... / Thou dost deliver more or less than truth
Per V.i.160 [Marina to Pericles, of her mother's death] As my good nurse Lychorida hath oft / Delivered weeping
Per V.iii.63 [Pericles to Cerimon] Will you deliver / How this dead queen re-lives?
R2 III.i.39 [Bolingbroke to York] Take special care my greetings be delivered
R2 III.ii.92 [Scroop to King Richard] More health and happiness betide my liege / Than can my care-tuned tongue deliver him
R2 III.iii.34 [Bolingbroke to Northumberland, of King Richard] send the breath of parley / Into his ruined ears, and thus deliver
R2 IV.i.9 [Bagot to Aumerle] I know your daring tongue / Scorns to unsay what once it hath delivered
RJ III.v.138 [Capulet to Lady Capulet, of Juliet] Have you delivered to her our decree?
Tem II.i.48 [Sebastian to Antonio, of Adrian] as he most learnedly delivered
Tem V.i.314 [Prospero to Alonso] I'll deliver all
TG III.ii.35 [Proteus to Duke, of getting Silvia to believe slander of Valentine] if his enemy deliver it
TN V.i.287 [Feste to Olivia, of Malvolio's letter] Look, then, to be well edified when the fool delivers the madman
TNK I.i.38 [Theseus to First Queen] Deliver you for all [i.e. on behalf of all]
TNK II.i.7 [Gaoler to Wooer] I would I were really that I am delivered to be
WT IV.iv.495 [Florizel to Camillo] This you may know, / And so deliver: I am put to sea
WT IV.iv.556 [Camillo to Florizel] What you, as from your father, shall deliver ... I'll write you down
WT V.ii.26 [Second Gentleman to all, of the Third Gentleman] he can deliver you more