action (n.) 2
engagement, combat, fighting
2H6 V.ii.26 [Clifford to York] My soul and body on the action both! [i.e. on the outcome]
Oth II.iii.180 [Iago to Othello, of the disturbance] would in action glorious I had lost / Those legs that brought me to a part of it
TC IV.v.113 [Agamemnon to all, of Hector and Ajax] They are in action
TNK I.i.173 [Theseus to Second Queen, of his marriage] it more imports me / Than all the actions that I have foregone
TNK I.ii.97 [Arcite to Valerius, of a soldier's feelings] his action's dregged with mind assured / 'Tis bad he goes about [i.e.hindered if he thinks he's fighting in a bad cause]