extremity (n.) 1
utmost degree, greatest amount
CE I.i.142 [Duke to and of Egeon] whom the fates have marked / To bear the extremity of dire mishap
Ham III.ii.178 [Second Player as Queen to her King] And women's fear and love hold quantity, / In neither aught, or in extremity [i.e.or both are maximally present]
KL V.iii.205 [Edgar to Albany] another [story] / To amplify too much would ... top extremity [i.e. would go beyond what can be endured]
R2 II.ii.72 [Queen Isabel to Bushy] the bands of life / Which false hope lingers in extremity
WT V.ii.18 [First Gentleman to Autolycus, of Leontes' and Camillo's reactions] joy or sorrow: but in the extremity of the one it must needs be