enfranchise (v.)
set free, liberate
AC I.i.23 [Cleopatra to Antony, as if quoting Caesar] Take in that kingdom, and enfranchise that
LLL III.i.118 [Armado to Costard] I will enfranchise thee
MA I.iii.30 [Don John to Conrade] I am ... enfranchised with a clog
R3 I.i.110 [Richard to Clarence] whatso'er you will employ me in ... / I will perform it to enfranchise you
TG II.iv.88 [Silvia to Valentine, of Julia holding Proteus' eyes prisoner] she hath enfranchised them / Upon some other pawn for fealty
TG III.i.151 [Duke reading Valentine's letter to Silvia] this night I will enfranchise thee
Tim I.i.110 [Timon to Messenger, of Ventidius] being enfranchised, bid him come to me
Tit IV.ii.124 [Aaron to Chiron and Demetrius, of the baby] from that womb where you imprisoned were / He is enfranchised
Ven 396 [Venus to Adonis, of his horse] Throwing the base thong from his bending crest, / Enfranchising his mouth
WT II.ii.61 [Paulina to Gaoler, of Hermione's baby] This child was prisoner to the womb, and is / By law and process of great Nature thence / Freed and enfranchised