List of Themes

The A--Z section of this Website deals with Shakespeare's general English vocabulary. Two types of information have thereby been excluded: the use of proper (as opposed to common) nouns - that is, the names of individual people, places, days, etc which have a distinctive form or connotation compared to modern English; and vocabulary belonging to languages other than English or representing the three main Celtic-influenced dialects of English. Appendices I--XVI cover these areas.

The quotations used within certain themes are purely for illustration, and do not represent the range of contexts in which a word occurs.

I Classical mythology
II Gods and goddesses
III Non-classical legend, romance, and folklore
IV Religious personalities and beings
V Historical figures
VI Contemporary figures, factual and fictitious
VII Days and dates
VIII London
IX Britain [outside London]
X World [outside Britain], places and peoples
  Languages and dialects
XI French
XII Latin
XIII Italian and Spanish
XIV Irish
XV Scottish
XVI Welsh