The Merchant of Venice

Act I
Act II
Act IV
Act V
Enter Jessica and Launcelot the Clown


I am sorry thou wilt leave my father so.

Our house is hell, and thou a merry devil

Didst rob it of some taste of tediousness.

But fare thee well, there is a ducat for thee.

And, Launcelot, soon at supper shalt thou see

Lorenzo, who is thy new master's guest.

Give him this letter; do it secretly.

And so farewell; I would not have my father

See me in talk with thee.


Adieu! Tears exhibit my tongue. Most beautiful
exhibit (v.) 2 malapropism for ‘inhibit’; or: manifest, demonstrate

pagan, most sweet Jew! If a Christian did not play

the knave and get thee, I am much deceived. But adieu.
knave (n.) 1 scoundrel, rascal, rogue See Topics: Frequency count

These foolish drops do something drown my manly
something (adv.) 1 somewhat, rather See Topics: Frequency count

spirit. Adieu!


Farewell, good Launcelot.

Exit Launcelot

Alack, what heinous sin is it in me

To be ashamed to be my father's child.

But though I am a daughter to his blood,
blood (n.) 6 blood relationship, kinship

I am not to his manners. O Lorenzo,

If thou keep promise, I shall end this strife,

Become a Christian and thy loving wife.


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