The Two Noble Kinsmen


Act I
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Enter Gaoler's Daughter alone
odds (n. plural) 5 probability, likelihood, odds-on


Why should I love this gentleman? 'Tis odds

He never will affect me; I am base,
affect (v.) 2 love, like, be fond of
base (adj.) 2 low-born, lowly, plebeian, of lower rank See Topics: Frequency count

My father the mean keeper of his prison,
mean (adj.) 2 lowly, humble, poor

And he a prince. To marry him is hopeless;
hopeless (adj.) 2 beyond hope, impossible to hope for

To be his whore is witless. Out upon't!
witless (adj.) stupid, foolish, crazy

What pushes are we wenches driven to
push (n.) 4 extremity, limit, measure
wench (n.) girl, lass See Topics: Frequency count

When fifteen once has found us! First I saw him;

I, seeing, thought he was a goodly man;
goodly (adj.) 2 good-looking, handsome, attractive, comely

He has as much to please a woman in him –

If he please to bestow it so – as ever

These eyes yet looked on. Next, I pitied him,

And so would any young wench, o' my conscience,

That ever dreamed, or vowed her maidenhead
maidenhead (n.) 1 virginity

To a young handsome man. Then I loved him,

Extremely loved him, infinitely loved him;

And yet he had a cousin, fair as he too;

But in my heart was Palamon, and there,

Lord, what a coil he keeps! To hear him
coil (n.) turmoil, disturbance, fuss

Sing in an evening, what a heaven it is!

And yet his songs are sad ones. Fairer spoken
sad (adj.) 3 downcast, distressed, mournful, gloomy

Was never gentleman; when I come in

To bring him water in a morning, first

He bows his noble body, then salutes me, thus:
salute (v.) 1 greet, welcome, address

‘ Fair, gentle maid, good morrow; may thy goodness
gentle (adj.) 2 courteous, friendly, kind
morrow (n.) morning See Topics: Frequency count

Get thee a happy husband.’ Once he kissed me;

I loved my lips the better ten days after –

Would he would do so every day! He grieves much,

And me as much to see his misery.

What should I do to make him know I love him?

For I would fain enjoy him. Say I ventured
enjoy (v.) 4 possess in love, sleep with
fain (adv.) gladly, willingly See Topics: Frequency count

To set him free? What says the law then? Thus much

For law or kindred! I will do it;

And this night, or tomorrow, he shall love me.


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