The Two Noble Kinsmen


Act I
Act II
Act IV
Act V

Enter Gaoler's Daughter alone


Let all the dukes and all the devils roar;

He is at liberty. I have ventured for him,
venture, venter (v.) run a risk, take a chance, dare to act

And out I have brought him. To a little wood

A mile hence I have sent him, where a cedar

Higher than all the rest spreads like a plane,

Fast by a brook, and there he shall keep close,
close (adv.) 6 safely, secretly, out of sight
fast (adj.) 5 close, very near [to]

Till I provide him files and food, for yet

His iron bracelets are not off. O love,
bracelet (n.) manacle, fetter, handcuff

What a stout-hearted child thou art! My father

Durst better have endured cold iron than done it.
endure (v.) 2 undergo, suffer, put up with
iron (n.) 1 iron weapon, steel, sword

I love him beyond love, and beyond reason,

Or wit, or safety; I have made him know it.
wit (n.) 1 intelligence, wisdom, good sense, mental ability See Topics: Frequency count

I care not, I am desperate. If the law

Find me, and then condemn me for't, some wenches,

Some honest-hearted maids, will sing my dirge,
dirge (n.) funeral song, song of mourning

And tell to memory my death was noble,
memory (n.) 2 history, memorial record

Dying almost a martyr. That way he takes

I purpose is my way too; sure he cannot
purpose (v.) 1 intend, plan

Be so unmanly as to leave me here?

If he do, maids will not so easily

Trust men again. And yet he has not thanked me

For what I have done, no, not so much as kissed me,

And that, methinks, is not so well; nor scarcely
methinks(t), methought(s) (v.) it seems /seemed to me See Topics: Frequency count

Could I persuade him to become a free man,

He made such scruples of the wrong he did

To me and to my father. Yet I hope,

When he considers more, this love of mine

Will take more root within him. Let him do

What he will with me, so he use me kindly;
kindly (adv.) 3 lovingly, gently, affectionately
use (v.) 2 treat, deal with, manage

For use me so he shall, or I'll proclaim him,

And to his face, no man. I'll presently
presently (adv.) 1 immediately, instantly, at once See Topics: Frequency count

Provide him necessaries, and pack my clothes up,

And where there is a path of ground I'll venture,

So he be with me; by him, like a shadow,

I'll ever dwell. Within this hour the hubbub

Will be all o'er the prison; I am then

Kissing the man they look for. Farewell, father;

Get many more such prisoners, and such daughters,
get (v.) 1 beget, conceive, breed

And shortly you may keep yourself. Now to him.
keep (v.) 3 guard, watch, tend


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